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  • Available as per original US Air Corp. specifications in russet horsehide, seal brown horsehide, and medium brown goatskin.
  • 100% cotton lining, 100% wool knit cuffs and waistband.
  • True to the original: One piece back, two piece sleeves. 
  • Talon nickel finish zipper with leather puller tabs. 
  • Single entry pocket with luxurious curved shape flaps, snap closure. 
  • Epaulets boxed stitched; 1 3/4" tapering to 1 1/2". 
  • Hanger loop boxed stitch thru and thru. 
  • Stand up collar, snapped down collar tips. 
  • 8-10 stitches per inch, reinforced pockets corners and wind flap, provide solid construction backed by life time warranty.
  • Finish touch of A/N inspection stamp and Air Corp stamp on the lining.

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A2 Horsehide Russet

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  • A2 Goatskin medium brown
  • A2 Horsehide russet
  • A2 Horsehide seal brown
  • Collar, label, hanger loop
  • A2 Horsehide seal brown back view (one piece back)
  • Front pocket
  • Zipper reinforcement
  • Talon zipper
  • Epaulets
  • Vintage horsehide.

A2 labelThe A-2 Flight Jacket was made famous by U.S. Army airmen who wore them as a testament to their bravery, independence and skill. Service tested in 1930, the A-2 was adopted as the regulation Army Air Corps flying jacket on May 9, 1931. Its style continues to be a perfect example of form following function.

The A-2 jacket is available and true to the original design in russet or seal brown horsehide or medium brown goatskin.

True to the original Air Corp Spec:
One piece back, 2 piece sleeves. Talon nickel finish zipper with leather puller tabs, single entry pocket with luxurious curved shape flaps. Epaulets boxed stitched, 1 3/4" tapering down to 1 1/2". Hanger loop boxed stitch through and through. Stand up collar, snapped down collar tips. 8-10 stitches per inch, reinforced pockets corners and wind flap, provide solid construction that backed by life time warrantee.
Its lining of 100% cotton and 100% wool knit cuffs & waistband is also true to the original. Finish touch of A/N inspection stamp and Air Corp stamp on the lining.

If you like to create your personal specifications or modified colors, shape or components please visit the A-2 custom made jacket page.

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  1. Great service and superb quality Review by Richard Watson

    I ordered an A-2 jacket in seal brown horsehide on Monday and had it in hand on Wednesday. It is a wonderful jacket in both looks and quality and I couldn't be happier with it. It fits just right and the patches I had you put on really add a note of authenticity. My brother spent 33 years in service starting out in the Army Air Corps and then the Air Force and the patches I decided on were some that he
    might have chosen. Thanks for the great service and superb quality. (Posted on 7/21/10)

  2. The closest you can get to an original jacket Review by T. McNamara

    I have studied and collected USAAF flying gear for many years, I own B15s,A-2s,B10s, caps, shirts and boots. I own as many historical publications on the subject as are available and have even been consulted by museums to grade their collections. The A-2 I received from U S Authentic is, quite simply, the closest most people will ever get to an original jacket. The quality and matching of the hides
    is exceptional, and the overall feel and appearance of the A-2 is pure nostalgia.
    This is one fine garment, thanks. (Posted on 7/21/10)

  3. True to original, from a student of history Review by Dan Bradley

    I just wanted to drop a quick note regarding my recent experience with purchasing an A-2 jacket from US Authentic. I have always been a student of history and attend my share of events (from Civil War to WWII). I started to research A-2 jackets to find a quality and true to original copy. After corresponding and reviewing multiple sources I found US Authentic on the internet. I called their offices and spoke with Dover, owner and expert consultant. Dover invited me to his offices to see his products and facilities. I tried on several jackets and decided to go with the russet A-2. Dover made me a jacket (shortened the sleeves to perfection) about which I have received many compliments and questions in the short time that I have owned it. I look forward a long relationship with this authentic jacket. Thanks again for your help and quality product. (Posted on 7/21/10)

  4. Exactly what I was looking for Review by Jon Sheriff

    I received my russet horsehide A-2 jacket today and I must say that I am very impressed! The weight of the hide is impressive, the stitches run straight and at even distance from the seams, all in all an excellent product. I was skeptical about buying a new A-2; I had previously had one made by A***** and C*****, but they just didn't cut it when it came to quality. I'm certainly glad that I took a chance with US Authentic because the garment I have now is exactly what I was looking for.
    Keep up the great work. (Posted on 7/21/10)

  5. Name tag Review by Jeffrey Hunt

    In a research for the placement of the name tag I found that its 7 1/2" above the pocket and 1 1/2" from the Zipper top stitch. (Posted on 7/21/10)

  6. True to the original Review by Glen Nakata

    I received my Russet Horsehide A-2 jacket last week and I have to tell you I am very pleased with it. The quality is first rate and the look is true to the original. I just have 2 comments:

    1) The epaulets are a bit wide versus original A-2's. The original A-2's I have seen have epaulets that are 1 1/2 inches wide. The ones on my jacket are 2 inches wide. (please note that current epaulets size is 1 7/8" wide at the sleeve side tapering down to 1 5/8" at the neck side.. us authentic)

    2) The AN stamp inside the jacket is in red ink. Original A-2's had the AN stamp done in black ink. Also the "A" and "N" should be part of the circle, not enclosed in it. If you'd like, I'd be more than happy to fax you a picture of an original stamp for your files. These are very minor issues with what I would call a first class reproduction of the A-2. I've already convinced a few of my friends to order jackets from you. Your company offers an amazing jacket for the price. I will doing everything I can to let people know about your company and its products.

    Thanks!!!!Glen Nakata (Posted on 7/21/10)

  7. Impeccable leather Review by J.W.

    I have spent most of my life in one type of flight jacket on another. I started a company so that I could get better products and give the public the benefit of my years of searching for the perfect A2. I have owned cheap ones, expensive ones (Eastman), and many in between (McCoy). During this time I found that it wasn't the 8 to 11 stitches per inch or the five piece cut of the leather that was important. I think what mattered to me the most was the leather itself. Having worked on many of the original A2's repairing and restoring them I found that the texture and feel of the leather was not being duplicated in the newer copies of the originals. When I first read your ad I though here we go again! It is probably a spin-off of Clymans AVIREX or another of the good but not perfect copies. Well I was wrong. When the jacket arrived I found the quality and workmanship to be excellent. The leather is the most outstanding part of the jacket...You have actually captured the feel of the W.W.II jackets. The color and texture of the smooth horsehide is almost perfect. When I hold your jacket next to an original it is possible to see what the jacket may have looked like new! So from the owner of many A2's thank you for making a superb jacket and I fully plan to wear hell out of it. (Posted on 7/21/10)

  8. Fits like a glove and looks great Review by Scott Salley

    My new Horsehide A-2 came a few days ago and it is fantastic. I have had two other jackets in the past from different manufacturers (Sporty's) and they don't even come close to the quality of this new one. If you shop around you'll find many manufacturers with jackets in the $300 range, but if you look closely at the details, there will be a cost cutting measure going on somewhere. Everything on mine seems to be first rate. I even paid an extra $100 to have some custom sizing done. I also had the epaulettes narrowed to 1-1/2" wide. The result is a jacket that fits like a glove and looks great. Only two minor flaws that I can see are: 1) A small but noticeable indentation in the leather on the front quarter. This could be a natural flaw but could also be the result of improper handling, 2) One of the epaulets uses thicker leather than the other. The result is that even after a few wearings, the thinner one is wrinkled while the thicker one remains flat. Overall though, this remains a great jacket for the price and I would definitely recommend it to those who are shopping. (Posted on 7/21/10)

  9. Only great things to say Review by Mike Boody

    I recently purchased an A-2 flight jacket from US Authentic Mfg. and I have only great things to say about the company. I had purchased an A-2 from Sporty's, but was not satisfied with the color. With so many choices in sizing, color, and material, I was unsure of exactly what I wanted without seeing, in person, several different A-2 jackets. US Authentic found time to schedule me for a visit to their New York office and see for myself the different types of A-2 jackets available. I was able to select the material, color and try on different size A-2's for a proper fit. They went out of their way to help me in every aspect of the selection and purchasing of the jacket. I even had a custom made "non-standard" name tag sent directly to their company, where they applied it to my jacket, so that it would be guaranteed to be done correctly. The people at US Authentic are truly professionals and care about both their products and their customers. (Posted on 7/21/10)

  10. I am quite impressed Review by Marc Frattasio

    I received your catalog in the mail a few days ago. I'm quite impressed by what you offer. The attention to detail looks very good and the prices are excellent. I have a few suggestions to offer.You might want to consider adding a silk screened or iron-on color Army Air Forces emblem to the left shoulder of your A2 jackets as an option. Many of the original jackets had a water decal of this emblem in this position and most of the high quality reproduction A2 jacket makers like Eastman and McCoy Sportswear offer this feature as an option. It would also be nice if you could offer customized proper style leather name tags for your A2 (Army style thin brown leather strip with embossed name) jacket and G1 (Navy style rectangular brown leather with foil embossed wings and name) jacket. Any chance you could add an authentic B3 sheepskin jacket to your product line at a good price? When I say authentic, I mean with the proper single patch pocket and all the other proper details with none of the extra 'frills' (extra pockets and things) that other US made (like Avirex) B3s have. How about adding a B1 cap to your line? To the best of my knowledge, nobody in the USA offers a B1 cap. I have seen them advertised in Japanese magazines but never over here. The B1 cap is similar in design to the B2 cap that you offer except that it was made out of cotton fabric. It was the Army Air Forces standard summer flying cap. Nobody over here in the USA offers accurate reproductions of the WW2 vintage B15 and B10 aviators jackets. These were made of a cotton fabric shell with an 'alpaca' (artificial fiber that resembled alpaca wool) lining. How about it? Once again, I have seen these things advertised in Japanese magazines (like Combat magazine) at very reasonable prices but nobody over here carries them. The last thing on my list are boots. Nobody makes a decent sheepskin lined flying boot. Since many US aviators wore the English 1936 or 1941 pattern shearling flying boot, these would be nice to see. It would also be nice to see replicas of the US A6 type though the British boots would probably be easier to manufacture and more stylish to wear. (Posted on 7/21/10)

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Customer Reviews

Very nice jacket. Review by Jan
I just received an A2 seal brown horsehide jacket and I must say that I like it a lot.
My e-mails were answered promptly and delivery to the Netherlands after ordering was very quick.
I would not hesitate to make further business with flightjacket.com.
(Posted on 8/19/14)
FANTASTIC A-2!!! Review by Jason
A big thank you to Shaul and all at USAuthentic for a strong, beautifully crafted shell, haven't taken it off yet and it's only getting better and better. Ear to ear grin, thanks very much! (Posted on 6/8/14)
FANTASTIC!!! Review by Jason J. Warburton
Just received my russet horsehide A-2 and I'm thrilled! Wonderful craftsmanship and attention to detail, this will be keeping me company for a long time to come :) (Posted on 6/5/14)