Custom work service is availble for leather jackets.

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Custom jackets are made the way you like it and to your size. We will follow your direction and instructions, as well as the size information that you will provide to create your custom jacket. Custom flight jackets are not limited to standard sizes or specific spec any more. No matter what your size or design request is, you now are able to purchase a custom leather jacket or flight jacket, made to fit you properly and the way you like it. For big and tall, small and short, no size is too small or too large; get a custom A2 bomber jacket, G1 Navy jacket, or create your own design. Select any one of the leather jackets or products that we make, provide your size information on the size page, and for a very affordable custom charge (Generally $123 only), get your very affordable custom jacket.

What can you customize? You name it, we will make it.
The following list is some of custom work we’ve previously done, but we are not limited to it. Let us know what you have in mind and we will go to work.

  1. Custom jacket size: we’ve made as small a jacket as infant size to as big and tall as a size of 68!
  2. Add pockets: front hand-wormer pockets, zipper chest pocket, inside pockets, sleeve "smokes" pocket, pen holder pockets, concealed weapon inside pocket, etc.
  3. Waistband and cuffs made of leather.
  4. Custom shape to: Epaulets, pocket-flap curve shape, collar point…
  5. Combination jacket: front of A2, back of g1, any layout of back panel (one piece, yoke back, split back, etc).
  6. Custom lining: printed lettering on lining, Red Bamberg rayon lining (just like the original red silk lining), combination of cotton body lining with rayon sleeve lining, sheepskin as lining…
  7. Custom jacket color; leather in different colors, mouton collar in different colors
  8. Nose art custom painting: anything can be painted on the back of the jacket, on the front of the jacket, or on a patch to apply to the jacket.
  9. Decorated custom jacket: a jacket with any combination of patches. Samples are the Top Gun jackets, the Flying Tigers jackets, the Iraqi Freedom jackets, or any other combination.
  10. Anything else that comes to mind. You name it, we make it.

So, what's next?

  1. Read and understand our custom work policy:
  2. Order one of our stock jackets, so you can try it for size and get a good idea of what to expect.
  3. If the size is the reason for your custom jacket, and you do not feel confident taking measurements as instructed in our size page, you are more than welcome to mail us one of your jackets, so we can take the measurements. Your jacket will be returned to you with your new custom jacket, unharmed.
  4. Always advise of any modification or changes, as well as your initial instruction in WRITING. Use email, fax, or a letter.

How long does it take?

Custom jackets and work are one of the main strengths of our company. All work is done in our factory in New York. In most cases we should be able to ship your custom made jacket within 1 week (yes, that’s right within 7 days) of confirmed order.

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