B-3 Bomber Sheepskin Jacket
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Ecellent Jacket Review by Skimeister
Received my B-3 Bomber Jacket 27 June 2015. I had an original B-3 about thirty five years ago. This jacket is exactly the same! The quality is fabulous! BIG thanks to those at Flight Jackets for a job well done! (Posted on 6/10/2015)
Practically Bullet Proof Review by George
I've pretty much always liked bomber jackets, I also like Biker jackets as well, I have one (Branded with custom work) but not to get off track. I like watching old WWII movies as well, a lot of them were in B&W but if you do some reasearch you can find out more on the B3 Bomber jacket and how it's made and it's looks as well. Two movies come to mind. Stalag 17 with William Holden and The War Lover with Steve McQueen &Robert Wagner. The US Authentic B3 is pretty much dead on, the stitching, types of leather, all the attention to detail and craftsmanship is in this jacket. When buying a authentic Bomber jacket I personally don't know of any place in the Chicago area that you can go to and pick one up so you pretty much have to go on line. There were a few web sites I looked at, Cockpit, Gibson & Barnes, Eastman and US Authentic. I picked US Authentic over the other companies based on their website, the picture of the B3 was what I belive to be the most authentic jacket and Shaul was very helpful. I did have a left pocket installed on mine and looks great, probably next year after the winter I'll send it back and have them sew in an AAF/HQ arm patch and a name patch as well. Oh and by the wa,y this thing"s very warm. Thanks fro reading my review and Thanks US Authentic (Posted on 11/20/2014)
Outstanding quality Review by Jose Espiritu
I enjoy looking on it as much as I enjoy wearing it! The materials and the way it was made is cut above the rest. Custom made is the way to go because it fits me perfectly. (Posted on 2/23/2014)
The best jackets in the world!!! Review by Alvaro
FlightJacket.com has the best jackets in the world. Perhaps, I own different brands from Scotland, Germany, and other countries and without hesitation I have concluded that the best jacket that I ever own is the B-3 from FlightJacket.com. The materials used to make this jacket are real. The tartan or insulation used in other jackets is nothing compared to the insulation used for the jackets made by FlightJacket.com.
For sure, I believe FlightJacket.com uses real North American Sheepskin, which is the most warm and hypoallergenic material to make comfortable bomber jackets, the attention to detail and dedication on every single detail to produce a beautiful piece of art.
Furthermore, and taking the above facts in consideration and through my experience, when I was exposed to 7 degrees, snow and trapped in a storm in the Mojave Desert made me realize that the B-3 made by FlightJacket.com was a thermal armor against the elements and it drove me to buy two more jackets the “RAF” and a custom made.
The customer service provided is excellent, they are willing to go the extra mile to please your expectations, but overall Mr. Shaul Dover takes the time to make sure about your size and suggests the best materials, if you want your jacket custom made.
Thank you FlightJacket.com for your beautiful jackets and your support,

You rock guys!!!

Alvaro Ramirez
(Posted on 3/19/2013)
B-3 Review by outstanding quality and customer service
Flight jacket.com sets the standard others will be judged
by. Matt (Posted on 12/3/2012)
Best Jacket I have ever owned Review by Garry
Just received the B-3 today. The best jacket I have ever owned. Perfect fit and the craftsmanship is second to none. The UPS delivery guy was still here when I unpacked it and put it on. He wants one now. I would recommend USAuthentic to anyone looking at getting a jacket like this. And I will. (Posted on 3/4/2011)
For Those Who Like it Authentic Review by Dr. Tom
This B3 jacket is made of high quality materials and construction. I ordered the stock product and tried it on for size (the 42 fit like a 42). Then I sent it back and had them custom make one with seal brown trim instead of russet. It looks and feels just like I had anticipated. It captures the quality an authenticity of the originals, but it is new and not worn out. In this way, I get to wear a functional antique and get the full life out of it. I received it on January 5th, so I was able to try it out in the cold weather. It stands up to a stiff, sub-freezing wind like nothing else. I also have a horsehide A2 by US Authentic and am very satisfied with both products. (Posted on 1/8/2011)
Excellent Product Review by Stew
I received a B-3 for my birthday, fulfilling a long time wish. I loved the jacket the minute I put it one, and look forward to the coldest of Milwaukee winter days to wear it, knowing I will be warm and toasty!! The jacket is well made, has great detail, and fits like a glove! (Posted on 11/30/2010)
Just wonderful!!! Review by maverick.2501
Last winter, though I live in Italy, was very cold but I had my B3 jacket to face it in the perfect condition. Very good material, very good smell (I like to sniff it) of leather and very good look!!! What else??!!!
Massimo I. from Italy (Gela (CL), Sicily)

P.S.: I bought two G-1 (one turned into Top Gun!!!), MA-1 and B-15!!!!! All very very good!!!! (Posted on 11/6/2010)
Cannot be matched by any other high end brand Review by Andre Mailloux
I always loved these jackets and needed the final push to get one. It came when I did my long commercial cross country from Minden to Vegas and the heater in the Piper Seminole started acting up. So we froze at 30 degrees until I began our descent into Vegas.

So next day I was making moves to get my B-3 and it was the best thing I ever did. The customer service placing the order was smooth and incredibly helpful and when the jacket came the fit, finish, classic style and utility couldn't be matched by any other high end brand. Sure it's $600 but it pays for itself when it gets cold. Safe flying. (Posted on 7/28/2010)

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