G-1 Jacket (Navy Leather Flight)
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G1 Seal brown Goatskin

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Excellent leather and workmanship Review by Cal York
I called yesterday about replacing the collar on my G-1 and was told that it will not be a problem. I managed to ruin the collar in less than a month after purchase. That's probably some kind of record! I tried to remove some particles that were caught in the fur by using a hand held attachment from a vacuum. Pretty smart huh? You can see the result. I appreciate your help and the fact that I am able to have the manufacturer re-work my jacket. I would probably be out of luck if I had bought through another company. I am VERY happy with the quality of the leather and the workmanship that went into the making of my G-1. It's also very comfortable while flying, it's nor bulky or restrictive in any way, but that'd what is was designed for. Also, could you please send me some of business cards to give to the people that are asking me about it. It might be a good idea for you to send some along with each new jacket sold.

I will definitely be more careful in the future and I hope the next time I have to call you will be to order an A-2! Thanks for your help. (Posted on 7/22/2010)
The absolute best Review by Daryl Dellone
Just wanted to let you know the G-1 is everything you said it was. I was a little concerned about ordering a jacket I had not seen in person but after it arrived I compared it to the one I had from San Diego Leather Jacket co. There is no comparison. Your quality is the absolute best. Excellent leather and it just looks and feels right. Thanks to customer support for their patience on the phone.
Now I want the G-8. (Posted on 7/22/2010)
Flawless leather Review by Jefferson Kirkland
I recently purchased a G-1 flight jacket from US Authentic. I am amazed at the quality of the work. The leather is flawless and very beautiful. I am interested in information on the best way to take care of my jacket, as I plan on wearing for many years. Any information that you might be able to offer me would be very much appreciated. A very satisfied customer. (Posted on 7/22/2010)
Excellent in every way Review by R.H.
Just a note to let you know I like my G-1 jacket I ordered a few weeks ago. As a reminder, I had ordered one from ....... Pilot Shop, but the collar did not lay down very good and therefore looked pretty bad. Your product seems excellent in every way. It fits good, looks good and is very warm. Thanks for all your help during the ordering process. (Posted on 7/22/2010)
Strong commitment to quality Review by Richard Routt
I was very pleased when my new Navy G-1 arrived earlier this week from U S Manufacturing. This jacket represents to me the happy ending to a seven plus year search for a Navy G-1 that could meet my drive for a superior level of quality coupled with authenticity. Let me explain; I had acquired a G-I in 1969 when I left the Navy. That G-1 was with me for nearly twenty years and accompanied me on many memorable adventures that helped shaped my life as it is today.

finally, I could not longer wear it as it was now too small. I sold it to a collector and forgot about G-1's for about two years. I then got the urge to own another and located an early one that fit I become obsessed with finding better G-1's and finally begin buying and selling them. This was a lot of fun and I met some great people as a result. Finally, the demands of working a sixty-hour week eliminated the spare time to look for vintage G-1's, I still wanted to own an authentic G-l. I decided that a new one was the answer, I spent several months of time researching both quality and authenticity. I settled on a Willis and Geiger. I spent a tremendous amount of time talking to their designers and ultimately to Burt Avedon personally trying to buy their authentic model with single entry pockets. Impossible!

I discovered the Eastman Company and ultimately not only paid a high price but also waited a long time to get their G-1 that "could be passed down to my son" become the quality was so superb. I waited anxiously for the G-1 to arrive when I finally got it I was disappointed in the ribbing on the bottom and cuffs. The pattern looked right but the material seemed thin by comparison to others l has seen. I wore the jacket a short period of time and the BI swing pleat in the back began folding inward to the extreme. I ware it very little over the next year as the pleat situation kept getting worse and it annoyed me. Time passed, I was busy building a career and moved more than one time, finally last year I was able to track their US rep down again. I had paid a lot of money for what was advertised as a superior product. I realize that time had passed but the attitude of both the Eastman Company and their US rep was "there is not a problem". I spent $60.00 for shipping the G-1 to Eastman's factory in England to have new elastic put in. When the G-l came back, it was exactly the same! I was not only extremely disappointed in the supposed quality, but also very unhappy about their approach to customer service. I do not mind spending a lot of money for things that are as advertised and make me but I did not get any satisfaction from Eastman Leather Clothing whatsoever. I finally sold the jacket at an extreme loss,... so much for lasting quality and resale value. I have since advised six potential buyers to look elsewhere for a G-l or A-2.

I found US Authentic Manufacturing by accident on the Internet The web-site looked good, but I have had a lot of experience with G-1's that just don’t measure up, I called and talked directly to Shaul Dover, the President of the company. I was really impressed with the commitment to quality that you voiced and I asked several more critical questions about materials and construction, and got all the right answers. I ordered your G-1 and I am really pleased with the level of qualify and authenticity. The attention to detail is excellent and the materials are top quality. The goatskin used is an excellent overall match and very thick yet very soft and pliable. The price was a real bargain even more so if you consider the option of custom features to the customer's design for only $100.00 more. For my money, the real key factor has been the dedicated level of customer service and genuine desire to provide what the customer truly wants. I look forward to wearing my new US Manufacturing G-I as often as possible. In addition, I will show it with great pride to all of my associates that have an interest in preserving W.W.II flying history. I look forward to the day in the near future when I buy one of your other quality flight jackets. (Posted on 7/22/2010)
Outstanding job Review by Frank Lee
January 1999. My G-1 flight jacket just arrived here at the office...and I want to congratulate you all for an OUTSTANDING job reproducing this jacket. I inspected it very closely and it conforms to MilSpec. In addition, the quality of the jacket is superb. It is certainly better quality than the one I had when I was in the Marine Corps in the sixties! Would I recommend your company to others? Yes. Keep up the good work.
Semper Fi

February 1999. I cannot convey enough "thank you's" for the support and patience extended to me while trying to make my G-1. Despite errors I made measuring for a custom fit, they succeeded in making an outstanding jacket. While the workmanship was superb, their customer service was simply outstanding. As a former Marine pilot (Vietnam era), I can attest to this jacket's authenticity and quality. Incidentally, my son is wearing my original. If you want a quality G-1 and service, buy here. (Posted on 7/21/2010)
Perfect fit, craftsmanship, and authenticity Review by Dan Pope
I just wanted to say how pleased I am with the G-1 I purchased before Christmas last year. I spent a lot of time looking at catalogs and surfing the net deciding which jacket to buy, and I am certain I could not have done better at any price. The fit, the craftsmanship and most of all, the authenticity, are perfect. The first time I wore it into the office, one of my partners, a Navy Reserve JAG officer spotted it from 50 paces -- and accused me of having a "restricted issue" jacket. My father-in-law, who served twenty years aboard carriers, plans to get one shortly, and another partner, who served first as a Marine officer, and later in the Navy, and who wore his G-1 in Vietnam, has your address as well. Thanks!
(Posted on 7/21/2010)
Excellent repair Review by Steve Warwick
Just a short note to thank you for your prompt and excellent repair of my G-1 jacket. The cuffs and waistband match well and frankly your knit material is superior to the mil spec stuff that was on the coat. I will now enjoy the use of this jacket, and appreciate your efforts. Thanks
again! (Posted on 7/21/2010)
Job well done! Review by Andrew Todd Fox
I ordered my G1 Flight Jacket from US Authentic after many months of searching the web along with regular commercial companies. I decided to give US Authentic a call (Nothing to lose, its a 1 888 # !) and was very pleased with the customer service that I was given. I was burned with a jacket order that I had made about a year ago. The partially named company, AV##EX, had sent me jacket that didn't fit & was of very poor quality.

Stuck with a jacket that...one, didn't fit... and two, didn't look good... I was going to be very critical of ANY company who was going to replace my worthless, and expensive, G1 jacket. The folks at US Authentic were VERY helpful in sizing a jacket for me. I kept insisting that I wanted a jacket size that was larger than the one that didn't fit me currently. They took my measurements (Height, Weight, Jacket Size, Waist Size) and assured me
that my correct size would be a 40R. I had also wanted some custom work done on my jacket... Including: Side entry pockets, double map pockets inside, an inside chest pocket with pen holder, and a custom leather zipper
pull tab to name a few. I was very surprised that all of this custom work would be done for a non-changing base amount of $100.00! I couldn't believe that I could get any kind of modification that I wanted for only $100.00.

I received my jacket, in 4 days, and was very pleased with the work that had been done. I salute US Authentic... with a job well done! (Posted on 7/21/2010)
Simply amazing Review by B. M. O'Connell
The jacket came today and I can't thank you enough for the work that went into it. Its everything advertised and much more. I'm really grateful for the research that went into the squadron patch. I know that this could not have been easy to locate. Amazing.
Thanks again for a remarkable piece of craftsmanship. Its wonderful to know that this quality is flourishing in your business and I hope that many more hear about your work.
Good luck in all of your future endeavors - you deserve every success! (Posted on 7/21/2010)

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