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G-1 Navy Flight Jacket

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Excellent repair Review by John Blumenreiter (March 2006)
I just wanted to let you guys know how pleased I am with the repairs to my G-1. You replaced the zipper and cuffs. The workmanship is terrific, please tell your technicians they do great work. When I need another jacket US AUTHENTIC will be number one on my list (Posted on 7/23/10)
I don't know how you do it!! Review by Tor Jokling (February 2006)
Last Saturday, february 25, I ordered a G-1 flight jacket from your company.
Today, not six days later, UPS Norway called, and told me my order had arrived and was ready to be delievered at my house. I could almost not believe it was trueI This was also the case with my two previous orders from your excellent company, and it's most amazing. I don't know how you do it!
I naturally love the jacket, which fits me like a glove, and has the most soft and subtle goatskin I have ever seen (better than my Eastman version of the G-1).
I am most satisfied with the quality of your products, the quick and professional service, and the fact that this speed gave me the opportunity to wear the jacket while it's still cold here in Norway (we actually have relatively warm weather here during the spring and summer!).
Thank you again!

Best Regards from a most happy customer (Posted on 7/22/10)
Incredible customer service Review by Joe Frasier
I purchased a G1 flight jaccket for you a few years ago. I recently sent it to a cleaners and it came back without the zipper pull strap. No big thing but I liked the way it looked. I e-mailed your company to buy a new one and was sent one free of charge within a week, this was during the Christmas season. To me this high level of customer service means a lot. Thanks again.
Joe Frasier (Posted on 7/22/10)
This jacket is absolutely PERFECT Review by J K CT.
The above listed jacket ( G-1)was purchased by my wife and was given to me as a Christmas present which I ultimately exchanged for a custom jacket (you might recall our conversations). I called and spoke with customer service on Dec. 29 and you were a tremendous help in assisting me with defining what I needed in what would eventually be my custom jacket. Per your instructions, I dropped the jacket of at UPS on Tuesday Jan 6, at noontime. UPS said it would arrive at your location Wednesday. Now I recall from our earlier conversations that you indicated that once you received the returned jacket, that you'd have my custom jacket out to me within 4-5 days.....that in itself surprised me....l mean delighted me....and I was impressed with your attention to customer service. Well, On Friday Jan 9, when I got home, the new custom jacket was waiting fro me....WOW !
So, the service was absolutely EXCELLENT.....it was OUTSTANDING !
Now the new Jacket is absolutely perfect. I love it. The customization we discussed and which you were able to do (so rapidly) makes the jacket just perfect....l am very very happy with the jacket and with my entire dealings with you and your company. This has been my best "mail-order buying ! customer service story" ever. I have told many friends of this great experience in general and have pointed a few potentially interested buyers your way.
Considering the attention you paid to me, I'm only sorry I took so long to write you this thank you note to say everything is great. I know what it's like sometimes...you always hear from a customer when there is a problem and we always want quick action......l just wanted to say thanks and let you know that I am very very happy with my new custom fitting G-l.
Thanks again. (Posted on 7/22/10)
Looks great, perfect fit Review by S.W.
I just wanted to thank you for all your help. I recieved my
"ANJ-3"jacket yesterday and it looks great and fits really well. The quality of the finished product is clearly evident. I appreciate your help and rapid service. I asked for quite a number of custom options on this jacket and they were all done perfectly. I also am quite pleased with how quickly you were able to get my jacket to me. Given the custom nature of my order I would have expected a long wait. (Remember I have been dealing with E****** up until now) I'll be back in touch for squadron patches and eventually for the B-3's we talked about. Since it was raining today I couldn't try out my new jacket in the cockpit ,however if the weather holds for the weekend I sure will give it a try. I think this will become my every day jacket. I will be sure to tell my friends ( and anyone else who will listen ) about you, your quality products and your super service. (Posted on 7/22/10)
Absolutely perfectly manufactured Review by Joost van Rossum
I just received my jacket yesterday. Everything on it is just the way I wanted it, with exceptional quality sewn in. You cannot find a better leather coat anywhere, trust me, I have looked for years. Don’t settle for store bought, when this kind of quality is still to be found. I can see why WWII flyers jackets were so tough and last so long. So it is with great pleasure that I recommend US Authentic to anyone whom is even slightly hesitant about ordering from them. Their service and quality is unmatched. Many Thanks!!!!Today I received my G-1 jacket. When I first saw the box the jacket was packed in I thought my god, isn't the jacket too small? It was such a small and light package. But at home I unpacked the box and I saw a beautiful jacket. Really excellent leather and absolutely perfect manufactured. The jacket wears really easy and light. I'm absolutely delighted. The size is OK although the back of the jacket is a bit (too?) long. The sleeves, shoulders and back are perfect. Maybe by wearing the jacket the back will fit better....? I really must compliment you with your product and the way you helped my out by finding the right size (I admire your patience) and by coping with my impatience (I apologize for that, but I just couldn't wait to put my jacket on). More, this was my first big purchase on/by the internet, and I'm reassured now. Things can go well if you find the right company.

Thanks again and I think we will hear from each other again. I will of course tell my friends where one can get this kind of jacket! (Posted on 7/22/10)
Great quality and fit Review by Steve LeFebvre
I received my G-1 today (12/27/99)after a very brief wait. I am very impressed with the quality and fit. Thank you for your recommendation on the size. My next purchase will be an A-2 and then maybe an Irwin. Wishing you a very prosperous 2000. Thanks. (Posted on 7/22/10)
Highest quality, PERFECT fit Review by Mike H. Cochran
Thanks for the G-1 jacket, I just received it today and it is of the highest quality! The fit is perfect, I was a little concerned as to whether to order a 44R or 46R so I sent in my measurements as instructed. You then came back with a recommendation of 44R, and the fit is PERFECT! I would also like to say how happy I am with the service. I ordered on April 18th and received my jacket on April 21st! You got everything right, although my mailing address is in Oregon, I wanted my jacket shipped to my hotel in California, where I'm currently assigned and to tell you the truth, I was a little surprised when the front desk called today to tell me "there is a package for you Mr. Cochran".
(Posted on 7/22/10)
Excellent leather and workmanship Review by Cal York
I called yesterday about replacing the collar on my G-1 and was told that it will not be a problem. I managed to ruin the collar in less than a month after purchase. That's probably some kind of record! I tried to remove some particles that were caught in the fur by using a hand held attachment from a vacuum. Pretty smart huh? You can see the result. I appreciate your help and the fact that I am able to have the manufacturer re-work my jacket. I would probably be out of luck if I had bought through another company. I am VERY happy with the quality of the leather and the workmanship that went into the making of my G-1. It's also very comfortable while flying, it's nor bulky or restrictive in any way, but that'd what is was designed for. Also, could you please send me some of business cards to give to the people that are asking me about it. It might be a good idea for you to send some along with each new jacket sold.

I will definitely be more careful in the future and I hope the next time I have to call you will be to order an A-2! Thanks for your help. (Posted on 7/22/10)
The absolute best Review by Daryl Dellone
Just wanted to let you know the G-1 is everything you said it was. I was a little concerned about ordering a jacket I had not seen in person but after it arrived I compared it to the one I had from San Diego Leather Jacket co. There is no comparison. Your quality is the absolute best. Excellent leather and it just looks and feels right. Thanks to customer support for their patience on the phone.
Now I want the G-8. (Posted on 7/22/10)

Items 31 to 40 of 53 total

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