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Great jacket, amazing service Review by Benji
Shaul cares about his customers so trust me when I say that if you choose this company you will be taken care of. I was treated like top priority, not used to that but I love it. It is very hard for me to choose jackets as my size is hard to fit. I am recently out of the Marine Corps and thus my chest is 42" and waist is 32". So Shaul advised me to get a 44R witch I agreed because that was the size work blouse I wore in the corps. My suit size is 42R but I didnt want a tight fit for a jacket that I would "wear out". The jacket sent was awsone, but the sleeves were long and the body length was long. I sent it back for a re-custom order. Trimmed the sleeves 3" and the body by 2.5. This is major surgery and is hard to pull off. But they managed to do it very well. The only hint of the operation was the front pockets moved up, but that was expected. I also added side buckles to get a better fit in the stomach area as I have no pooch. The goatskin is light and tough. Drapes very nice over the shoulders and I can bend and move my arms nicely. Curious about the horsehide now. The inside pockets I added are exact to size and are deep and tight, nothing to fall out. The hand warmer pockets fit my hands and are done in a way that doesnt allow items to fall out (I like very much). The lining is great, can get in and out quickly. The zipper is so sturdy and thick that you would have to be cut out of this jacket (Good for swimming and bar brawls). I got an A2 collar attached for aesthetic reasons, I never liked the fur though it is more practical. I now have a jacket I love and it fits great, both reflecting my service and nature for a rugged classic feel. I might get a true Mil Spec from this company in the future, but rest assured if I ever buy a leather jacket it will be from here. I cant say enough how great the customer service is. I emailed Shaul late one night before heading for bed expecting an answer maybe a couple days later, but before I got out of the shower he had emailed me back. I live in the same hemisphere as NY so cudos for Shaul. He could have emailed me the next day, but somehow he remains available. Yes he is busy, but he makes time for his customers. That is what seperates this company from others. Their service is better than the military tailers I am used to. That speaks for itself. Keep up the great work, you got me hooked. (Posted on 1/1/2015)
Great work, reasonably priced, done quickly Review by James
In exactly a week to the day that I put the order in I received my custom G-1. It looks fantastic, fits perfectly, and was built exactly to my rather specific requests. Really impressive work. I strongly recommend U.S. Manufacturing Co. (Posted on 11/24/2014)
1 year update Review by CJ
I received my custom G-1 Feb 2013, so it’s time for an annual review. I noted in my original review (Outstanding Custom, Great Value) that I loved the soft, supple leather but was concerned how it would wear over time. I am happy to report that is showing no undue wear, even in the elbows where it rests on hard surfaces while wearing it during long road trips. It is my favorite jacket and I wear it daily when the weather isn’t too hot. I never use the removable fur collar, I just prefer the way it looks without it (like the A-2). Can’t say enough about my custom order to make a G-1 with the A-2 collar—I have the bi-swing back pleats but I also have the clean A-2 collar. In my mind it’s the best compromise for range of motion and looks. The leather is aging very well, gaining lots of great character without any sagging, discoloration, etc. It’s been stuck in the rain a few times, but the water caused no adverse reactions (of course I always dry it off with a towel asap as soon as I get indoors). I’m still disappointed in the poor-quality heat-transferred decals used for the optional, custom-lettered lining, but they haven’t peeled off or come apart in any way. They just don’t fit the quality of the jacket, and I think a true, painted-on, stenciled lettering would look great and age well (and be less expensive?). Overall, still my favorite jacket, HIGHLY recommend this company and their work as long as Shaul Dover is involved. (Posted on 3/12/2014)
G1 Horsehide Review by Bobby Brown
The horsehide used in this jacket is an ideal weight and suppleness. Not too heavy like an Aero FQH jacket, but a weight that doesn't take years to break in which is great............ (Posted on 2/27/2014)
Outstanding Custom, Great Value Review by CJ
I have an original Navy G-1 (Star Sportswear contract), original B-10 (Stagg contract), a G-8 by Avirex, a B-9 by Avirex, and a US Wings G-1. The US Wings is a Tall and was just too long in the body despite the longer sleeves being fine. I bought & returned a Gibson-Barnes M-422A b/c the body was too full, not the slim military cut as advertised.
Deciding to get a custom G-1, I followed Flightjacket.com's recommendation and purchased an off-the-rack G-1. I rec'd it quickly. Noted some shortcomings: map pocket was narrow and shallow compared to orig G-1s and US Wings, elastic straps that keep the bi-swing back tucked are narrower/thinner than orig & US Wings. The rayon lining is thinner than both, too. It makes the leather seem thinner than the others, but if you measure it--it's not. On the plus side, the leather is the most supple I've ever come across. Feels more like supple cowhide, but with the pebbled grain of goatskin.
So I returned that jacket with my changes based off the jacket rec'd as requested. Only took about a week to receive the custom jacket (shipped from NY to CA no less). I lengthened the sleeves, shortened the body, brought the pockets in towards the zipper, added two inside wallet pockets with custom width and depth, widened and deepened the map pocket. Added the custom worded lining (disappointed that it's not painted on, more like a heat-transferred decal), also did the removable fur collar (ever get tired of the fur? Too warm?).
Overall, great execution. Wanted the custom A2 lining with the custom text, but instead they put the lettering on the G-1 rayon. The leather collar, without the fur in place, needed the A2 style snaps to keep the collar proper. I emailed my concerns, and to their credit, the company was willing to take the jacket back, remove the G-1 lining and install the A2 lining as requested without charge. Upon reflection, I did not request them to tear out the old lining b/c I didn't think the re-sewing would turn out as well. But they did install the snap down collar without charge, even though I didn't originally ask for it.
Great customer service. Working late one Saturday night, I sent an email to them about the custom jacket, and I rec'd an email back that night (around 2 am EST)! I apologized, not knowing they would get my email at that hour on a weekend. Unheard of.
I finally have the G-1 I've always wanted. Fits perfect, leather collar, so comfortable. BTW, these come with the more attractive M-422 pocket flaps, and this is the only G-1 I've had that has the great "leather" smell, even 2 months after purchase. Not sure how this buttery smooth leather will wear over the years. Time will tell, but it's already displaying some nice break-in wrinkles that I really like.
You can't touch a custom jacket like this for this price. (Posted on 4/11/2013)
Well Pleased Review by Matt
Received the jacket, hardly a week after ordering it, the whole process is extraordinarily quick and the work is superb, I can't spot a single stitch out of place. Sleeves are longer than expected, but I actually like that.

I hassled Shaul with measurements and fitting questions for weeks; wanting a looser fit to be able to wear a sweater underneath, change config from G1 to AN-J-3 with cotton lining, and all this was completed to a very high standard. Definately happy with the fit and the mods.

On top of all this I ordered their vintage goat leather, which is so supple and easy to wear, and a great looking mid brown colour. The only thing now, is to see how the 'vintage' wears in, something I'm looking forward to doing. Tallyho!! (Posted on 11/1/2012)
Great Work, Fast Delivery Review by Lando
To have a flight jacket built to your custom request and to receive it in about a week; that's pretty incredible work. Anyone else will tell you 4 to 6 weeks, and that's if they are not being slammed with orders. Some people will tell you 4 to 6 months without a blink. That's fine for some people but if I can get quality work done to my specifications and within a week and at a good price, why would I go anywhere else. U S Authentic is a great company and I am very happy with my custom G1. A horsehide G1, I was actually told by another US flight jacket company that it could not be done. US Authentic had to be in a week. So, if your are on the fence about ordering, don't be. Build your jacket the way you want it and have them build you a solid flight jacket that will last a lifetime. Right priceframe, right timeframe, and the way you want it. Thanks US Authentic. (Posted on 3/1/2011)
absolutely amazing!! Review by Maverick 31ATSG/CV
Today I have received the jacket, absolutely amazing!! Congratulation good work, hope to have the occasion to collaborate again with you..
thanks again
(Posted on 11/18/2010)
Fit and workmanship are perfect Review by Donald Moore (December 2007)
My custon G-1 jacket arrived a few days ago and I wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the quality of the jacket and the custom work. along with my messurements, I sent you nine patches to affix to the jacket and the fit and workmanship is perfect. I also ordered a US flag patch attached to the right sleeve, but forgot to tell you to use a reverse patch. You correctly attached the reverse patch.
Great job!! Thanks a bunch!
(Posted on 8/2/2010)
Absolutely fantastic workmanship Review by Rick Jansky (August 2007)
Three years ago I purchased an US Authentic custom G-1 and the workmanship was absolutely fantastic. So, when my thirteen year old Eastman Leather B-3 lost a tooth on its zipper I went to US Authentic for the repair. The jacket arrived at their work shop on 1 August and was back in my hands on 7 August. In less than one work week the old zipper was removed, the new zipper trimmed to fit, sewn onto the jacket, and the jacket returned. Unbelieveable! AND, if you didn't know that the zipper was replaced you wouldn't be able to tell. Thanks once again US Authentic for a job extremely well done. (Posted on 8/2/2010)

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