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ANJ-4 Sheepskin Jacket

ANJ-4 Sheepskin Jacket

Product Review (submitted on February 2, 2014):
While I purchased my US Authentic ANJ-4 used, I must say I am very impressed by the quality and fit of this jacket. The ANJ-4 was a short-lived jacket for the military and this model is somewhat close to the second "generation" of the style. Other repro manufacturers like Eastman (especially), Aero, and Lost Worlds offer slightly more authenticity with their products, but only die hard collectors and history buffs would noice the difference between those more expensive brands and the US Authentic model.

Some may argue that horsehide facings would be more historically accurate but I find that the hard wearing goat used in this style actually makes for a more pliable and comfortable jacket. The sheepskin itself is top notch as is the quality of construction.

This jacket has come in handy with the sub-zero weather we have been experiencing as of late. A warm and cozy jacket, the ANJ-4 only comes out when the temperatures hit 20 F or below. Even in below freezing temperatures the wearer can get by with only a light shirt underneath. It almost makes me wish for colder and longer winters!

My experience with this jacket has convinced me to order a horsehide A-2 model from US Authentic this spring.

Well done!