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G-1  Jacket (Navy Leather Flight)

G-1 Jacket (Navy Leather Flight)

Product Review (submitted on February 1, 2012):
This G-1 Jacket is hands down the best and most comfertable jacket I have ever owned. This jacket is absolutly perfect in every way. I am more comfertable with this thing on then without it. Just the way it fits and allows your arms to swing is perfect, no constriction at all. the leather is so soft and supple it is just so cozy to have on your body and the wool collor just feels so good around your neck. Oh yah and it also has a ton of pockets on and in it, as well as a pen pocket. too cool! I have bought the R.A.F. Jacket, the g-1 Jacket and the B-6 Jacket from this company. If you are looking for the best qaulity and craftsmanship and materials then flightjacket.com is the place to buy your jacket from. yah the prices are high but totally worth it. And the best part is you will have a custom made jacket of the highest quality while everyone else will be wearing some stupid cookie cutter crap that they bought at the mall.