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Indy Leather Jacket

Indy Leather Jacket

Product Review (submitted on September 6, 2012):
I've several A2's and car coats in leather but I've always wanted a jacket in black horsehide. After looking at a ton of competing companies and sites both here and in Europe, I decided on a Black Custom Indy in Horsehide. I just received my jacket and I couldn't be more pleased. It's loose where it needs to be loose and when I tightened the side straps WHAM! An absolutely perfect fit. All the individual things I wanted (stitched sleeves and a little extral length) were done per instructions and overall the jacket has a quality feel like none I've ever owned.

Only one little nit to pick, the side belts are about 2 inches too long but I can get them cut down at a local tailors... I love this jacket and will be ordering a similar one in Cordevan in the Spring after I get my tax refund (assuming the Mayans are wrong of course). You can't do any better without spending 2 or 3 times the price and I doubt you could do better then.