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Flying Tigers A-2 Jacket

Flying Tigers A-2 Jacket

Product Review (submitted on July 21, 2010):
I wanted to let you and your team know how happy I am regarding the A2 goatskin AVG jacket I recently received. I bit of history first, I have been a “fan” of the AAF A2 jacket for many many years, and in the late 80’s I purchased an A2from the Cockpit (AVIREX). This was supposed to be an authentic reproduction of an A2. Well it is not even close, the details in this jacket do not compare with ANY original (I could list the many issues with this jacket but I will leave that for someone else).

I decided I wanted a “real” A2, and proceeded to search the web for info. I found many sites claiming to have the “Real Deal” After going to the Acme Depot and learning more about A2 jackets than I thought was necessary, I narrowed down my search to Eastman, U.S. Wings, Lost Worlds and U.S. Authentic.

I called all the companies to find more about their respective jackets. Every time I mentioned U.S. Authentic I got the same response “well the do make a VERY good reproduction” to “Their (U.S. Authentic) jacket is as close to ours as the original contractors A2.

After hearing this, I contacted your team. I was met with intelligence, and real knowledge about both the authenticity of your products and the correct sizing (I am 5 9’ 230 and wear a size 48 suit). I called back a day later after deciding on your firm. You personally took my call, walked me through the sizing and features of your products. When I mentioned that I might be hard to fit, you sent me a jacket to try the size (next day). I also wanted to add features to customize the A2 to AVG spec (red ACE lining, name tag with my name and call sign) and add some modern features for my own comfort (inside pocket, hand warmer pockets). This was on a Wednesday. I shipped the jacket back with the instructions and on Saturday morning UPS delivered the EXACT jacket I asked for.

Again you and your team, you have made a client for LIFE.

(second email received a year later)

The jacket is STILL great, I wear it every day. The cuffs are pulling and after the season I will send it back to be repaired. On Christmas my family and another family went out to dinner at a Chinese restaurant. The owners Father was greeting guests. When he saw my jacket his eyes welled with tears, he moved the crowd that was waiting to get in whispering something in in Chinese. he pulled my group (my wife three boys and another family of 5) to him and gave us a table. He asked if I was wearing my Fathers jacket saying "men wearing these saved China, his parents and himself". He then produced an old black and white photo of a P40 Tomahawk taking of from Kunming. Thanks