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G-8 Navy Leather Flight Jacket

G-8 Navy Leather Flight Jacket

Product Review (submitted on July 22, 2010):
I received the G-8 jacket that I ordered today-all I can say is "wow!" Your work is first-class. This jacket has easily become my favorite already. I know that I'll get a lot of use out of it. The only thing that I wasn't expecting were the side-entry pockets. I didn't specify, but I thought that these wouldn't be there unless I said to put them in. Is it possible to have you guys close them at a later date, if I so decide? I just really can't part with the jacket now :) Obviously, US Authentic is right up there with any of the premier jacket makers. You have obviously put a lot of thought and effort into creating an authentic, quality replica, and it shows. I am so happy with this purchase! I have to admit, spending the money that I did was a difficult decision to make, but I have NO regrets. I know I'll have this jacket for many years, and through many adventures. Thanks so much!

(a follow up email, couple of weeks later)

Just a quick note to say that I've had time to fully evaluate the G-8 I received, having had the chance to wear it often during the past few weeks. The jacket is just incredible! I chose you guys because I thought that the styling (simple and classic) was more in keeping with the spirit of the original than many other G-8 repros out there. What I wasn't sure about was what the quality would be. The goatskin on this jacket is first-rate. It's thick and supple, and feels rugged. I have no worries wearing it in any weather condition, and it works for a wide temperature range, as well. The lining, hardware (real horn buttons!) and details are great. It was nice to see such things as a button-reinforcement for the sleeve buttons, and a more authentic nipple-type snap for the inside pocket. Also, this was the only G-8 on the market with "USN" punched through the wind flap, which lends authenticity to a classic flight jacket. All in all, I am tremendously pleased with the jacket, and happy with all the help you gave me in completing my purchase. While I think I will probably send the jacket back to you at some point to have the side-entry pockets closed, I just can't part with it just yet-it's become too much a part of my everyday routine. Thanks for a great product!