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B-3 Bomber Sheepskin Jacket

B-3 Bomber Sheepskin Jacket

Product Review (submitted on March 19, 2013):
FlightJacket.com has the best jackets in the world. Perhaps, I own different brands from Scotland, Germany, and other countries and without hesitation I have concluded that the best jacket that I ever own is the B-3 from FlightJacket.com. The materials used to make this jacket are real. The tartan or insulation used in other jackets is nothing compared to the insulation used for the jackets made by FlightJacket.com.
For sure, I believe FlightJacket.com uses real North American Sheepskin, which is the most warm and hypoallergenic material to make comfortable bomber jackets, the attention to detail and dedication on every single detail to produce a beautiful piece of art.
Furthermore, and taking the above facts in consideration and through my experience, when I was exposed to 7 degrees, snow and trapped in a storm in the Mojave Desert made me realize that the B-3 made by FlightJacket.com was a thermal armor against the elements and it drove me to buy two more jackets the “RAF” and a custom made.
The customer service provided is excellent, they are willing to go the extra mile to please your expectations, but overall Mr. Shaul Dover takes the time to make sure about your size and suggests the best materials, if you want your jacket custom made.
Thank you FlightJacket.com for your beautiful jackets and your support,

You rock guys!!!

Alvaro Ramirez