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Your search for the Authentic, Classic, true to the original bomber jacket is over. Flightjacket.com is a US Authentic Mfg. Company. The ultimate bomber jacket with attentions to details and materials that is true to the original jacket spec from the WWII era, and from the days when flight jackets represented the heroism of the “great Generation” and exceptional Americanism. Our pilot jackets are manufactured in New York with true USA Made values about quality, service and attention to the smallest of details. In addition to Mil Spec jackets, Flightjacket.com also provides all peripherals to make your statement noticed. We provide original hand painted squadrons and group patches, full back nose art painting done truly to your specification and in the spirit of WWII nose art and pin up paintings. For the current military personnel we make the embossed leather patches and leather nametags. Flightjacket.com is a place where custom work and “the impossible” is welcomed. Any size, any modification is a challenge we looking forward to do. We achieve our aim by making each garment to specification, one piece at a time. Our attention to detail is second-to-none. We don't employ production lines in foreign countries or cut corners by using cheaper goods. All of our garments are made in the USA. We make clothing for the discriminating, for people who know the best when they see it and who won't settle for less. As a manufacturer, we can skip the "middle man" and pass the savings directly to you the consumer. Also, we will not be under sold so you can be sure that you will get the garment you ordered in the quality you expect and at a competitive price. Flight jackets preserve an important piece of our collective history. It speaks of the spirit of youth and adventure, evoking a sense of courage, honor and of life's infinite possibilities. The first aviators adopted leather because of its durability and warmth. Today, the authentic pieces are coveted by collectors world-wide. We know our jackets will be as treasured by their owners as the originals. Shop our selection of leather bomber jackets for sale today!