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The Bomber Jacket: A Wardrobe Staple for Any Fashionable Gent

There are only a handful of men's fashion staples that have endured the test of time. One on-point trend spotted on countless runways this year is one that you may have also seen your father, grandfather and even great-grandfather wearing: the bomber jacket, a historic clothing item that continues to make a splash as both a functional and fashionable piece for men and women alike.

The Origins of the Bomber Jackets

The bomber leather jackets -- or flight jacket -- is now considered a must-have wardrobe item but was once a practical clothing item invented by the military. During World War II, Air Force pilots needed jackets that were heavy enough to keep them warm at high altitudes but small enough to stay out of the way of high-tech plane equipment. Thus was born the bomber jacket, which eventually caught on with civilians who could benefit from the warmth it provided and its streamlined, minimalist style.

Basics of the Bomber Jacket

Today, bomber jackets can be made from a range of materials and in a range of styles. However, the basics of the flight jacket remain the same. Bomber jackets are long-sleeve, waist-length jackets with two front pockets and are most often made from leather, sheepskin, nylon or fire retardant Nomex (when worn in military cockpits). Flight jackets can have zipper or button fasteners, and most have knit cuffs and waistbands.

Benefits of the Bomber Jackets

If you're a fashion-conscious guy who is looking to add another timeless item to your wardrobe collection, you're going to want to get yourself a bomber jacket. Here are some of the reasons beyond their historic value that a flight jacket should be a centerpiece of your closet:

1. Warm but not bulky

One of the most important reasons you'll love your bomber jacket is the same reason the air force started using them in the first place. Flight jackets can be incredibly warm -- especially when they are made from sheepskin -- but they are short and not long or bulky.

2. Jackets that are extremely fashion forward

In the past year, bomber jackets have appeared on the runways of fashion weeks across the world. This means that the trend has also caught on with high-fashion celebrities like Kanye West, Bradley Cooper, John Legend and more, all of whom have been spotted sporting flight jackets to events both red-carpet worthy and more laid back.

3. Bomber jackets are versatile

Bomber leather jackets are extremely useful to have in your wardrobe because they can be easily dressed up and dressed down. Wear a hoodie under your bomber leather jacket and pull the hood out over the back collar for a casual look, or wear a tailored vinyl flight jacket over a collared button up for a fancier style.