487 FS 352 FG 8 AF


487 FS 352 FG 8 AF

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487 FS 352 FG 8 AF

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487 FS 352 FG 8 AF

487 FS 352 FG 8 AF. 487 FS 352 FG 8 AF

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  1. really representative of what the insignia looked like Review by Sam Sox, Jr.

    Dear Sirs: Was looking at your web page tonight and noticed the patch you have displayed for the 487th FS "lil bastard". I am the photographic archivist for the 352nd FG Assn of which the 487th was a squadron. Your patch is backward and is a very loose presentation of the way the patch is suppose to look like. I have attached for you a scan of an original cloth patch and also the artwork as originally drawn by the only person in the squadron that was authorized to paint it. He was also the the EM who originally designed it, the late Sgt. Sam Perry. Since my patch is now 60 years old, the whites are no longer white so I lightened those areas. The body is flesh and the gun is gray with black outline. The rest of the colors are true. If you would like to redo your design and have a piece that is really representative of what the insignia looked like, you now have the necessary material from which to work. Good luck! All the best. (Posted on 11/9/2010)

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