Thumper Nose art

20th AF - 73 Bomb Wing 497 Bomb Group (A) 869 Bomb Squadrons, Saipan

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A note from Mike Sienkiewicz.

My Father was the second pilot to fly Thumper. This B-29 # A square 21 was originally assigned to the 497th Bomb Group, 870th Bomb Squadron. My Father flew it to Chicago for a War Bond drive, and upon returning to Saipan, the aircraft was assigned to him. At that time he was assigned to the 497th Bomb Group, the 869th Bomb Squadron. My father, was at the time Captain Nicholas Sienkiewicz. He flew with Col. Robert Morgan on the first mission against The Japanese Homeland, Thanksgiving day 1944. He crashed on takeoff sometime after that mission, killing his crew with the exception of himself and his C.F.C gunner. After recovering from his injuries he was given Thumper to fly back to the States for a War Bond drive, and then returned to Saipan to continue the Bombing missions, which included the night incendiary raids at low level. I am not sure whatever happened to the aircraft, as he stayed on to fly the war wearies home. In Korea he flew C-47's, and after that Flew on with the Air force retiring a Lt. Colonel. I have quite a few bomb bay photographs, some of which are of the fire raids. Thanks for asking, and contacting me. If I can be of further help let me know.

Another Thumper (comment by KAZ) Just wanted to pass along that the 504th BG on Tinian flew another B-29 named "Thumper". Plane Commander was Capt.James W. Cornwell, Pilot Lt. John J. Barcynski, which was lost over Yokohama, Japan May 29, 1945 on it's believed 23rd mission. On board was Col. James T. Connally as an observer from Gen. LeMay's staff, and had been the former Commander of the 504th. see other Nose art here
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