Nose art Miss Mattie

Miss Mattie Nose art. The 548 BS of the 385 BG, 8 AF.

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Miss Mattie is dedicate to the 548 BS of the 385 BG, 8 AF. The group activated 1 December 1942 at Davis-Monthan Field in Arizona. Unit formed in February 1943 at Geiger Field in Washington. Trained for two months and then moved to Great Falls AAD, on the 11th April 1943. the unit completed training at the end of May 1943 with the aircraft moving to Kearney Field Nebraska prior to moving to England by the northern ferry route. Two aircraft were lost en route. The ground unit left Great Falls on the 8th June 1943. The 548th BS sailed on the Queen Mary on the 23rd June 1943 and the other squadrons on the Queen Elizabeth on the 1st July 1943. for more information and to review the group patches click here.

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