Nose art - Shoo Shoo Shoo BABY

Nose art - Shoo Shoo Shoo BABY

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Nose art - Shoo Shoo Shoo BABY.

In March 1944 this B-17G was assigned to the 91st Bomb Group--"The Ragged Irregulars"--and based at Bassingbourn, England. There it was named Shoo Shoo Baby by its crew, after a popular song by the "Andrews Sisters". It was later renamed "Shoo Shoo Shoo Baby" after another pilotreplaced the original aircraft commander. It flew 24 combat missions in WW II, receiving flak damage seven times. Its first mission (Frankfurt, Germany) was on March 24, 1944, and last mission (Posen, Poland) on May 29, 1944, when engine problems forced a landing in neutral Sweden where the airplane and crew were interned. In 1968, Shoo Shoo Baby wasfound abandoned in France; the French government presented the airplane to the USAF.In July 1978, the 512th Military Airlift Wing moved it to Dover AFB, Delaware, for restoration by the volunteers of the 512th Antique Restoration Group. The massive 10-year job of restoration to flying condition was completed in 1988 and the aircraft was flown to the USAF

There is other B17s and B24 named after the song.

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