712 BS 448 BG 8 AF

712 BS 448 BG 8 AF

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Activated 1 May 1943 at Gowen Field Idaho were initial training was conducted. Then the unit moved to Wendover Field, Utah on the fourth of July 1943 for the second phase of training, and finial training at Sioux City AAB, Iowa from 16 September to early November 1943. The ground unit went to Camp Shanks, NY, and sailed on the Queen Elizabeth on the 23rd of November 1943, and arrived at Clyde on the 29th November 1943. The aircraft left Sioux City on the third of November 1943 for Herrington field in Kansas. The aircraft flew for The United Kingdom via the Southern ferry route from Puerto Rico, Trinidad, Belem, Dakar, and Marrakesh. Three aircraft were lost in route.

Squadrons of the 448th BG 712th Bombardment Squadron - Heavy 713th Bombardment Squadron - Heavy 714th Bombardment Squadron -Heavy 715th Bombardment Squadron - Heavy Assigned 8th AAF: November 1943

Wing/Command Assignment VIII BC, 2 BD, 20 CBW 30 Nov 1943 2 BD, 20 CBW 8 Jan 1944 2 AD, 20 CBW 1 Jan 1945 Combat Aircraft: B-24H B-24J B-24L B-24M Stations SEETHING 30 November 1943 to 6 July 1945 Group COs Col. James M. Thompson 1 May 1943 to 1 Apr 1944 (MIA) Col. Gerry L. Mason 3 Apr 1944 to 13 Nov 1944 Col. Charles B. Westover 14 Nov 1944 to 27 May 1945 Lt. Col. Lester F. Miller 27 May 1945 to Jul 1945 First Mission: 22 Dec 1943 Last Mission: 25 Apr 1945 Missions: 262 Total Sorties: 6,774 Total Bomb Tonnage: 15,272 Tons Aircraft MIA: 101 Subsequent History: Redeployed to the US June/July 1945. First of the aircraft departed the United Kingdom on mid-June 1945. The ground echelon sailed from Greenock on the Queen Mary on the sixth of July 1945, arriving in New York on the 11th of July 1945. Personnel had 30 days R and R. Group established at Sioux Falls AAFd, SD where the Group was trained as a B-29 unit. On the sixth of May 1946 the 715 Bomb Squadron was re-assigned to the 509th Bomb Group and was inactivated in 1965. The 448 Bomb Group was inactivated on the fourth of August 1946.

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