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Activated 1 Oct. 1942 at Mitchel Field, NY. Unit established at Richmond AAB, Va. thereafter transferring to Baltimore MAP, Md. Iate in Oct. 1942. Trained with P-40s until Feb. 1943 when a few P-47s were assigned. Continued training with P-47s until alerted for overseas movement on May 1943. Sailed on the Queen Mary on 1 Jun. 1943 and arriving at Clyde on 6 Jun.1943. 

Assigned 8th AAF: 6 July 1943
Wing/Command Assignment
VIII FC: 6 July 1943 VIII FC, 65 FW: 18 Aug.1943. 2BD, 65 FW: 15 Sep. 1943. 2AD, 65 FW: 1 Jan. 1945
Combat Aircraft:
P-47D Jul. 1943 - 13 Mar 1944 P-51B 9 Mar 1944 P-51D P-51K
STEEPLE MORDEN 8 July 1943 - 3 July 1945
Group COs
Col William J. Cummings Jr 12 Nov. 42-4 Nov. 44 Lt Col Everett W. Stewart 4 Nov. 44-21 Feb. 45 Lt Col Claiborne H. Kinnard Jr 21 Feb. 45-7 Jun. 45 Lt Col William D. Gilchrist 7 Jun. 45-Sep. 45
First Mission:
14 Sep. 43 Last Mission: 25 Apr. 45 Aircraft MIA: 175. Enemy Aircraft Claims: 365 air; 502 ground.

Major Awards:
Distinguished Unit Citation: 5 Apr. 44. attack on German airfield. Unit Claims to Fame Destroyed more enemy by ground strafing than any other 8AF group Subsequent History: Selected for assignment to occupational air forces in Germany and moved to Gablingen (R-77) in early Jul. 45. Group gradually run down and 358FS absorbed by 56TRS in Dec. 45. Moved Schweinfurt in Apr. 46 but remnants transferred other groups during summer 46. Group transferred less personnel and equipment to Mitchel Fd, NY. as of 1 Aug. 46 and inactivated 20 Nov. 1946. Activated again in 1 955 as F-86 wing in ADC. Later assigned TAC and became second wing equipped F-105. Took part in Vietnam war flying F-105s from Thailand.

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