VP-151 Patch

VP-151 Navy Patrol Squadron Patch

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VP-151 Navy Patrol Squadron Patch.

"02JAN44--Commissioned NAS Whidbey Is. WA, 3 Jan 1944 Paul Masterton commanding. NAS Kaneohe T.H. 6 May 1944 to 5 Aug 1944 Tarawa Is. 5 Aug. to 30 Aug. 1944 Strikes against Nauru and Jaluit Is. Tinian Is. 30 Aug. 1944 to June 1945 Strikes against Yap, Woleai, Pagan, Lamotrek and Puluwat Islands. Beginning 13 March 1945 several crews assigned duties at Iwo Jima for strikes against picket boats west of Iwo Jima. At least 1 sunk 1 damaged. Disestablished June 1945. 1 crew/plane lost to enemy action. 1 crew/plane lose during operational training. 3 purple hearts. Squadron Insigna: Mean appearing black bat carrying a large bomb, two smaller bombs under each wing. He is firing the fixed forward guns (from his wings) across a great red "setting sun" of Japan..."

VB/VPB-151: VB-151 etablished at NAS Whidbey Island, Washington, 3 January 1944 with PV-1s; redesignated VPB-151 1 October 1944. To NAS Alameda, California, 15 April for transport to the Territory of Hawaii in escort aircraft carrier USS Sitkoh Bay(CVE-86) arriving NAS Kaneohe Bay, Hawaii, on 7 May. To NAB Betio, Gilbert Islands 5 August and began flying bombing attacks on Japanese installations in the Marshall Islands. To North Field, Tinian, Mariana Islands 29 August to fly search patrols and bombing missions to Japanese bases in the Caroline and Marshall Islands. To NAB Tinian, Mariana Islands, 18 November and continued operations. Detachment deployed to Motoyama Airfield, Iwo Jima, 13-19 March 1945, to fly antipicket boat sweeps. To NAS San Diego, California, via Hawaii on 4-21 June and disestablished on 30 June 1945.


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