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  • 3/4" sheepskin (16-18mm).
  • Natural -off white color fur, seal brown exterior.
  • Horsehide russet layered sleeves and front pockets.
  • Natural cowhide belting with buckles.
  • Snap down lapel.
  • Heavy duty #9 brass zipper.
  • Goatskin inforcment trim over seams.

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Regular Price: $995.00

Special Price: $795.00

B-3 Bomber Jacket

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  • B-3 Collar
  • B-3 Front pocket
  • B-3 Back view
  • B-3 Collar
  • B-3 Side belt
  • B-3 Bomber jacket front view

With a loss of 3F for every thousand feet of altitude, the W.W.II pilots and bombardiers flying at 30,000 feet in the middle of winter needed a seriously warm coat. The B-3 came through. First issued on May 8, 1931, for open- cockpit altitude flying, the B-3 has shearling in the body, sleeves, and tall neck. The soft outer lamb skin is specially treated to make it even more resistant to water, gasoline, oil, and dirt. And as tough as lambskin is, we added even tougher horsehide to those high abrasion areas most vulnerable to the points and sharp edges protruding from a metal aircraft cockpit. Specifics: brass zipper with a generous shearling-lined windscreen; tall collar with snaps to keep it down in wind and double straps to keep it up in cold; single glove/map pocket (officers must have their hands free to salute, not in their pockets); and epaulette tabs for insignia. Earlier B-3s had full epaulettes, but they dangerously interfered with parachute harness straps.

From Maxim Magazine editorial, November 1999.Maxim cover


Lowdown: You gotta respect a jacket that requires the slaughter of two farm animals to produce it. The B-3 counters the high-tech movement with real slices of lamb and bovine epidermis. And yes, this is an exact replica of the jacket that kept WWII door gunners snuggly while they blasted Jerry from a frigid 30,000 feet.

Statement it makes: "Whoops. Looks like I forgot to make my tax deductible PETA contribution again."

The freezer test: In the early stages, our tester noticed an uncomfortable chill moving down his lower arms and across his waist. But miraculously, the jacket (or the three-beer Buzz?) halted most of the cold front an hour later. "I feel pretty good in this thing," he said, "except for a slight numbness a the base of my spine." Then again, maybe it was shrapnel.

Verdict: The B-3 is more than just nostalgia. Design like this brought victory, and it still wins the cold war around town.

see what our costomer saying (more testemonial under the review link).

B-3 "Life Saver" by Glenn Brooks
"I was one of the people in Buffalo NY that was caught in that snow storm on the highway for 18 hours. Last year I purchased your B3 bomber jacket and thank god I was wearing it. You guys produce a great product that maybe didn't save my life but got close. I love my B3 and I wish there was a way that I could turn other people on about your products. Thanks again! My friends laughed about the over $600 price tag but to me it was well worth it! Have a happy holiday."

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  1. Absolutely terrific Review by Jeffrey Cook

    Some time ago, I ordered one of your B-3 Bomber Flight Jackets and B-2 hats in preparation of a trip too Russia.This was my second visit too Russia during the winter, then knowing how harsh the weather could be, having previously traveled with an expensive heavy leather coat bought the year before. It just could not handle these temperatures. This time, I wanted an exceptional coat for the trip and wish too have found your web-sight long ago. The weather conditions of the Samara region, in the city of Togliatti along the Volga River, which is located about 600 miles south east of Moscow were between 24 too a -7 degrees fahrenheit during my latest visit. I have always admired early aviation history, practically the pre-pressurized aircraft and before the jet age era, I knew the reputation of the the B-3 through stories as told by some friends who served during WW2. First of all after, receiving the jacket and hat with in a week of ordering them, I would like too say the B-3 and B-2 produced at your factory is nothing short of beautiful, and much, much more then expected from seeing one of the original B-3's. Having so much faith in this newly reproduced jacket, I traveled as planed and found your B-3 jacket and B-2 hat were absolutely terrific. All in all, staying warm, and feeling comfortable while walking during the night when the temperatures were at there coldest. This jacket and hat continues too live up too its reputation from the original designs of the early 1930's. In comparison of both trips and cost of the two jackets, the B-3 was the best investment I have ever made. Making this trip of March 2005 more memorable and exciting while experiencing the out-door Russian culture. Unfortunately, my plans did not work out the way I wanted and failed too get any photo's in Moscow or Red Square, but I do have one from Togliatti. Attached are two photos taken out-doors. The first photo was taken in Red Square, January 2004 wearing a $350.00 coat that did not work very well and eventually was sold. The second was taken March 2005 of myself and a friend, one of many I was visiting during this trip in Togliatti. Notice the amount of snow on the ground and trees, then the ice covered side walk. Also, some time in the near future, I will be contacting you again about purchasing an A-2 jacket with a custom 8th AAF, 457th BG nose art design. (Posted on 7/28/2010)

  2. Just as I wanted it Review by Stefan Schaub

    Just a short note to let you know that my B3 jacket finally arrived, thank to your quick reply to our "great" swiss post customs dept. who held it back since Feb. 28th (!) The jacket is really as I wanted it. Before ordering from you I went to several websites and leather boutiques, but none of their models was ok in my opinion.
    Thanks again for your very good customer service and quick e-mail replies.
    Stefan (Switzerland)
    (Posted on 7/28/2010)

  3. Great jacket Review by Stefan Ohlund

    My B-3 flight jacket arrived at Friday 10 December (fast delivery). The fit is perfect! And the quality of construction is excellent! Consider me a very happy customer. (Posted on 7/28/2010)

  4. I am beyond impressed!!!!! Review by Shanon G. Lucky

    After reading all the reviews for the A-2 jacket US Authentic makes, I couldn't let your B-3 go without at least a few kind words. I had wanted a B-3 ever since I was in high school, to me, it was the quintessential Air Force flight jacket. When I joined the USAF after high school, and subsequently went through aircrew training, I began to collect flight gear, both modern and vintage, original and reproduction. I purchased jackets from Avirex (pretty good stuff in the early 80s, not quite so good now) as well as originals I found in second hand stores and other places. FINALLY, I found an original B-3....but it was WAY too small for me to ever wear (even at my old military weight, I'm a big guy). I came across US Authentic a few years back, and saw a photo on the site of one of the early B-3s, and thought it looked nice, but not QUITE like mine.....so I kept looking. I never could find a decent repro B-3 to wear (Nebraska winters are cold!) until I was reading through an aviation history magazine and saw an ad for "History Preservation Associates" (Eastman). I looked their website up and was appalled at the price of their jackets! A thousand bucks for a B-3????? HOLY CATS! Well, the bug had bit me again, and HARD by that time, I just had to have a B-3. I talked to a friend who also collected flight gear, and he said "Have you tried US Authentic? I've seen their B-3s and they're pretty good." I asked him to elaborate, and as we talked, I began to look at the B-3 original in my collection. His description of a US Authentic B-3 fit my original to a "T". The only thing missing, was the AAF winged star on the sleeve....small thing, that can be added later. So, I ordered a B-3 in January of 2002, and got the jacket within three days of ordering. IT MATCHED MY ORIGINAL PRECISELY! The colors of the sheepskin, the leather reinforcements and pocket, as well as the collar straps were DEAD ON! The buckles on the waist as well as at the collar matched....I was BEYOND impressed! The fit of the jacket was great and when a cold

    Shannon G. Lucky (former Strategic Air Command crewmember, USAF) (Posted on 7/27/2010)

  5. Very very well worth it! Review by Glenn Brooks

    I was one of the people in Buffalo NY that was caught in that snow storm on the highway for 18 hours. Last year I purchased your B3 bomber jacket and thank god I was wearing it. You guys produce a great product that maybe didn't save my life but got close. I love my B3 and I wish there was a way that I could turn other people on about your products. Thanks again! My friends laughed about the over $600 price tag but to me it was well worth it! Have a happy holiday..
    (Posted on 7/27/2010)

  6. Outstanding craftsmanship Review by Scott S.


    (Posted on 7/27/2010)

  7. Absolutely amazing Review by John Beacon

    My B-3 flight jacket arrived today (fast delivery) and I couldn't be happier! Your suggestion to try the regular 44 for size and then indicate adjustments to be made was absolutely the right way to go. I said I needed 1.5" more in sleeve length, and you made that coat for me with those adjustments. Not only did you customize the coat, but you actually made it while I was returning the regular 44 to you, so you were able to do the turn around and send me the final coat in less than a week!

    Amazing. You also didn't charge me additional shipping for the change. The fit is perfect! The quality of construction is excellent! The quality of material is second-to-none! I nearly went with another maker who would have charged me $300

    more for the same quality coat, and charged me shipping for not only my return if they were wrong in their initial size recommendation, but for sending a second coat as well! And, shipping would have been higher each time than what you charged me initially!

    Consider me a very happy customer who plans to spread the word and buy only from you! This is my third coat from your company, and I love every one of them! A very pleased customer. (Posted on 7/27/2010)

  8. One of my best investments Review by Daniel Goldring

    I just wanted to say the b3 jacket i bought from you last year turned out to be one of my best investments. I live in the northeast and this and last year gave us some pretty cold weather. Your B 3 jacket turned out to be great as i stayed warm while everyone who laughed at me for spending $650 on the coat was left envious and cold. I am so pleased that i am going to purchase the Ir*** jacket and the A 5 trousers in the next couple of months. (Posted on 7/27/2010)

  9. Unbelievably warm, superb work Review by G. Torribio (December 2006)

    I received my B3 jacket just before Christmas. This is my second purchase from U.S. Authentic, the first being a Navy G-8. The quality and fit on the G-8 were impeccable, so I ordered the B3 with confidence. It is unbelievably warm, having passed my test of long motorcycle rides at 40 degree temperatures. I am glad I didn't buy one of the modified "B3-type" jackets sold by others, but held out for the real thing. I'm looking forward to breaking this one in and enjoying it for years to come. Keep up the good work! (Posted on 7/23/2010)

  10. Great custom work Review by Bob Ellis (September 2006)

    I received my B3 jacket back and would like to thank you and your staff for the wonderful job that was done altering my jacket as I requested.
    In any future alterations or custom work, I would not hesitate to contact Flight Jacket.com. (Posted on 7/23/2010)

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Customer Reviews

Practically Bullet Proof Review by George
I've pretty much always liked bomber jackets, I also like Biker jackets as well, I have one (Branded with custom work) but not to get off track. I like watching old WWII movies as well, a lot of them were in B&W but if you do some reasearch you can find out more on the B3 Bomber jacket and how it's made and it's looks as well. Two movies come to mind. Stalag 17 with William Holden and The War Lover with Steve McQueen &Robert Wagner. The US Authentic B3 is pretty much dead on, the stitching, types of leather, all the attention to detail and craftsmanship is in this jacket. When buying a authentic Bomber jacket I personally don't know of any place in the Chicago area that you can go to and pick one up so you pretty much have to go on line. There were a few web sites I looked at, Cockpit, Gibson & Barnes, Eastman and US Authentic. I picked US Authentic over the other companies based on their website, the picture of the B3 was what I belive to be the most authentic jacket and Shaul was very helpful. I did have a left pocket installed on mine and looks great, probably next year after the winter I'll send it back and have them sew in an AAF/HQ arm patch and a name patch as well. Oh and by the wa,y this thing"s very warm. Thanks fro reading my review and Thanks US Authentic (Posted on 11/20/2014)
Outstanding quality Review by Jose Espiritu
I enjoy looking on it as much as I enjoy wearing it! The materials and the way it was made is cut above the rest. Custom made is the way to go because it fits me perfectly. (Posted on 2/23/2014)
The best jackets in the world!!! Review by Alvaro
FlightJacket.com has the best jackets in the world. Perhaps, I own different brands from Scotland, Germany, and other countries and without hesitation I have concluded that the best jacket that I ever own is the B-3 from FlightJacket.com. The materials used to make this jacket are real. The tartan or insulation used in other jackets is nothing compared to the insulation used for the jackets made by FlightJacket.com.
For sure, I believe FlightJacket.com uses real North American Sheepskin, which is the most warm and hypoallergenic material to make comfortable bomber jackets, the attention to detail and dedication on every single detail to produce a beautiful piece of art.
Furthermore, and taking the above facts in consideration and through my experience, when I was exposed to 7 degrees, snow and trapped in a storm in the Mojave Desert made me realize that the B-3 made by FlightJacket.com was a thermal armor against the elements and it drove me to buy two more jackets the “RAF” and a custom made.
The customer service provided is excellent, they are willing to go the extra mile to please your expectations, but overall Mr. Shaul Dover takes the time to make sure about your size and suggests the best materials, if you want your jacket custom made.
Thank you FlightJacket.com for your beautiful jackets and your support,

You rock guys!!!

Alvaro Ramirez
(Posted on 3/19/2013)