US Made Shearling B3 Flight Jackets

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B3 jacket. Sheepskin Flight Jacket, Bomber jacket.

  • Made in USA!
  • 3/4" sheepskin (16-18mm).
  • Natural -off white color fur, seal brown exterior.
  • Horsehide russet layered sleeves and front pockets.
  • Natural cowhide belting with buckles.
  • Snap down lapel.
  • Heavy duty #9 brass zipper.
  • Goatskin inforcment trim over seams.

We also offer B-3 WWII Leather Flight Gloves.

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B3 Bomber Jacket

, with a loss of 3F for every thousand feet of altitude, the W.W.II pilots and bombardiers flying at 30,000 feet in the middle of winter needed a seriously warm coat. The Shearling B3 Flight Jacket came through. First issued on May 8, 1931, for open- cockpit altitude flying, the B3 Bomber Jacket has shearling in the body, sleeves, and tall neck. The soft outer lamb skin is specially treated to make it even more resistant to water, gasoline, oil, and dirt. And as tough as lambskin is, we added even tougher horsehide to those high abrasion areas most vulnerable to the points and sharp edges protruding from a metal aircraft cockpit. Authentic B3 Bomber Jacket Specifics: brass zipper with a generous shearling-lined windscreen; tall collar with snaps to keep it down in wind and double straps to keep it up in cold; single glove/map pocket (officers must have their hands free to salute, not in their pockets); and epaulette tabs for insignia. Earlier leather B3 Bomber Jackets had full epaulettes, but they dangerously interfered with parachute harness straps.

From Maxim Magazine editorial, November 1999.Maxim cover


Lowdown: You gotta respect a jacket that requires the slaughter of two farm animals to produce it. The Shearling B-3 Flight Jacket counters the high-tech movement with real slices of lamb and bovine epidermis. And yes, this is an exact replica of the jacket that kept WWII door gunners snuggly while they blasted Jerry from a frigid 30,000 feet.B3 jacket test

Statement it makes: "Whoops. Looks like I forgot to make my tax deductible PETA contribution again."

The freezer test: In the early stages, our tester noticed an uncomfortable chill moving down his lower arms and across his waist. But miraculously, the jacket (or the three-beer Buzz?) halted most of the cold front an hour later. "I feel pretty good in this thing," he said, "except for a slight numbness a the base of my spine." Then again, maybe it was shrapnel.

Verdict: The Shearling B3 Bomber Jacket is more than just nostalgia. Design like this brought victory, and it still wins the cold war around town.

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B-3 "Life Saver" by Glenn Brooks
"I was one of the people in Buffalo NY that was caught in that snow storm on the highway for 18 hours. Last year I purchased your B3 bomber jacket and thank god I was wearing it. You guys produce a great product that maybe didn't save my life but got close. I love my B3 and I wish there was a way that I could turn other people on about your products. Thanks again! My friends laughed about the over $600 price tag but to me it was well worth it! Have a happy holiday."

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