ANJ-4 Sheepskin Jacket

ANJ-4 Sheepskin Jacket

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  • Sheepskin natural color fur, seal brown exterior.
  • Sheepskin fur - body 18 mm, sleeves 14 mm.
  • Front heavy duty brass zipper.
  • Large front pockets made of goatskin.
  • Second layer of goatskin on sleeves.
  • Gusset armpit.
  • Hidden 100% wool knit rib cuffs inside the sleeve.
  • Goatskin trim on sweep edge and cuffs edge on exterior and interior of jacket.

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Regular Price: $1,260.00

Special Price: $995.00

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The ANJ-4 was the final design of the sheepskin flight jacket. It supersedes the B3 jacket as well as the M444 and M445 Navy jacket. In an effort to simplify the armed forces production procurements, it became the sheepskin jacket for all branches of the military. In 1943 the ANJ-4 became the jacket to have. It is the most elaborate design by the military, and it shows many years of experience in design and spec modification, not just to be a classic and stylish design but to be functional, comfortable, and the right garment for its use. The ANJ-4 is made (just like the original) from a domestic sheepskin, pile thickness. The soft outer lamb skin is specially treated to make it even more resistant to water, gasoline, oil, and dirt. To add to the strength and durability of the jacket a second layer of goatskin is added onto the front sleeves as well as the bottom front of the jacket, and the cuffs are made from a double layered goatskin. Goatskin piping is installed around all edges of the jacket for a cleaner look and especially added strength. The back is made from one large piece up to the waist to relieve any unnecessary tension on seams. All top stitches are doubled up. The cuffs include an inside 100% wool cuff, blocking the wind from traveling up the sleeve, and 2 side belts with buckles will give the aviator any adjustment needed for a fitted fit at the waist. The gussets at the armpit provide full movement and motion which will not restrict like the B3. A throat latch and a storm flap under the heavy duty zipper provide excellent protection in the front. In addition to the two front pockets, a triangular goatskin piece was installed in the front left side to attach the oxygen mask when not in use. The jacket is a waist length jacket, shorter than the B3 and the M444 jackets. The ANJ-4 is custom made to order.

ANJ-4 Sheepskin Jacket. Sheepskin natural color fur, seal brown exterior. Sheepskin fur - body 18 mm, sleeves 14 mm. Front heavy duty brass zipper. Large front pockets made of...

  • Price: $995.00 - In stock
  • Brand: U.S. Authentic MFG. Co.
  • Product ID: 1113

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  1. Great sheepskin value Review by "Vito" Genova

    While I purchased my US Authentic ANJ-4 used, I must say I am very impressed by the quality and fit of this jacket. The ANJ-4 was a short-lived jacket for the military and this model is somewhat close to the second "generation" of the style. Other repro manufacturers like Eastman (especially), Aero, and Lost Worlds offer slightly more authenticity with their products, but only die hard collectors and history buffs would noice the difference between those more expensive brands and the US Authentic model.

    Some may argue that horsehide facings would be more historically accurate but I find that the hard wearing goat used in this style actually makes for a more pliable and comfortable jacket. The sheepskin itself is top notch as is the quality of construction.

    This jacket has come in handy with the sub-zero weather we have been experiencing as of late. A warm and cozy jacket, the ANJ-4 only comes out when the temperatures hit 20 F or below. Even in below freezing temperatures the wearer can get by with only a light shirt underneath. It almost makes me wish for colder and longer winters!

    My experience with this jacket has convinced me to order a horsehide A-2 model from US Authentic this spring.

    Well done! (Posted on 2/2/2014)

  2. Quality merchandise Review by Robert Winter

    The ANJ 4 arrived this morning and fits well. We are having almost annoyingly mild (above average temps with clouds, fog and melting) so it's "flight test" as a Minnesota-grade jacket awaits; but the styling and freedom of movement are everything the picture shows and the ad describes.
    That it feels a bit warm in this 35 degree weather bodes well. It replaces an Avirex B-3 which I bought 20 years ago and which, as even leather does, has shrunken rather drastically about the stomach. I first became aware of the ANJ 4 about a year after getting it, wished I had, but until coming across yours had found it almost impossible to find and, then, made very badly.

    Hope all's well with you and yours and thanks, yet again, for quality merchandise, well-made. (Posted on 7/28/2010)

  3. Very impressive coat Review by John Beacon

    Just a note to say the ANJ-4 arrived today in less than a week from the time I ordered it!. Not only was delivery for this custom made coat impressive, but the fit is perfect. We discussed what I wanted on the phone on Monday and by Friday it arrived. The quality of materials and craftsmanship is exceptional and every bit equal to the three other coats you have made for me over the past four years. I may like the ANJ-4 the best, although it may be one of the most expensive you produce, the detail and quality is worth the price. It is a handsome looking coat in the photo and every bit as much when it arrived. Thanks!
    (Posted on 7/28/2010)

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