ANJ-4 Sheepskin Jacket

ANJ4 jacket. Sheepskin Jacket, Bomber jacket.

  • Made in USA!
    • Sheepskin natural color fur, seal brown exterior.
    • Sheepskin fur - body 18 mm, sleeves 14 mm.
    • Front heavy duty brass zipper.
    • Large front pockets made of goatskin.
    • Second layer of goatskin on sleeves.
    • Gusset armpit.
    • Hidden 100% wool knit rib cuffs inside the sleeve.
    • Goatskin trim on sweep edge and cuffs edge on exterior and interior of jacket.
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The ANJ-4 was the final design of the sheepskin flight jacket. It supersedes the B3 jacket as well as the M444 and M445 Navy jacket. In an effort to simplify the armed forces production procurements, it became the sheepskin jacket for all branches of the military. In 1943 the ANJ-4 became the jacket to have. It is the most elaborate design by the military, and it shows many years of experience in design and spec modification, not just to be a classic and stylish design but to be functional, comfortable, and the right garment for its use. The ANJ-4 sheepskin jacket is made (just like the original) from a domestic sheepskin, pile thickness. The soft outer lamb skin is specially treated to make it even more resistant to water, gasoline, oil, and dirt. To add to the strength and durability of the ANJ-4 jacket a second layer of goatskin is added onto the front sleeves as well as the bottom front of the jacket, and the cuffs are made from a double layered goatskin. Goatskin piping is installed around all edges of the ANJ-4 jacket for a cleaner look and especially added strength. The back of the ANJ-4 sheepskin jacket is made from one large piece up to the waist to relieve any unnecessary tension on seams. All top stitches are doubled up. The cuffs include an inside 100% wool cuff, blocking the wind from traveling up the sleeve, and 2 side belts with buckles will give the aviator any adjustment needed for a fitted fit at the waist. The gussets at the armpit provide full movement and motion which will not restrict like the B3. The ANJ-4 sheepskin jacket features a throat latch and a storm flap under the heavy duty zipper provide excellent protection in the front. In addition to the two front pockets, a triangular goatskin piece was installed in the front left side to attach the oxygen mask when not in use. The ANJ-4 sheepskin jacket is a waist length jacket, shorter than the B3 and the M444 jackets. This jacket is custom made to order. Order the ANJ-4 jacket for sale today!

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