B-6 Sheepskin Jacket

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B6 jacket. Sheepskin Jacket, Bomber Mechanic jacket.

  • Made in USA!
  • Medium- weight sheepskin (12-14 mm), natural white color fur and seal brown exterior.
  • Collar with one buckled closure strap.
  • The sheepskin visible at the cuffs and waist.
  • Two front flush- sewn slash pockets.
  • Front Talon zipper.
  • Snapped cuffs.
  • Under collar strap closure.
  • Side seam zippers for sweep adjustment.
  • Goatskin enforcement strip over all seams.
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As the Army Air Corps acquired more closed-cockpit planes, there arose the need for a warm flying jacket that was not as heavy or bulky as the B-3. In response to this need, they developed a medium- weight shearling jacket, designated the B-6. The B-6 sheepskin jacket was similar in appearance to the B-3. The most apparent difference was its less substantial collar, with one buckled closure strap, and its trimmer fit. The shearling was still visible at the cuffs and waist, but the pile was much thinner (usually only one-fourth inch deep as opposed to the typical one-half inch for the B-3. The B-6 bomber jacket was dyed the same seal brown color with a lacquer coating, had two flush-sewn slash pockets on the front, zippers or straps at the cuffs, but lacked the B-3's full-length wind flap behind the zipper. B-6 sheepskin jackets were not really warm enough for high-altitude use by bomber crews, but were warm enough (and trim enough) for use in the marginally heated cockpits of some fighters. And, like the B-3s, the B-6 flight jacket was most often seen on the backs of ground crews working on the planes.

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