A-2 Leather Flight Jacket
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A2 jacket, US Air Force (Air Corp) Leather flight jacket.

Available as per original US Air Corp. specifications in russet horsehide, seal brown horsehide, and medium brown goatskin.

100% cotton lining, 100% wool knit cuffs and waistband.

True to the original: One piece back, two piece sleeves. 

Talon nickel finish zipper with leather puller tabs. 

Single entry pocket with luxurious curved shape flaps, snap closure. 

Epaulets boxed stitched; 1 3/4" tapering to 1 1/2". 

Hanger loop boxed stitch thru and thru. 

Stand up collar, snapped down collar tips. 

8-10 stitches per inch, reinforced pockets corners and wind flap, provide solid construction backed by life time warranty.

Finish touch of A/N inspection stamp and Air Corp stamp on the lining.

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Regular Price: $499.00

Special Price: $399.00

A2 Horsehide Russet

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  • A2 Horsehide Russet
  • A2 Goatskin medium brown
  • A2 Goatskin Medium Brown
  • A2 Horsehide russet
  • A2 Horsehide seal brown
  • Collar, label, hanger loop
  • A2 Horsehide seal brown back view (one piece back)
  • Front pocket
  • Zipper reinforcement
  • Talon zipper
  • Epaulets
  • Vintage horsehide.
  • A2 Goatskin Seal Brown
  • A2 Goatskin Black
  • A2 Vintage Horsehide medium
  • A2 Vintage Goatskin
  • Horsehide Russet Back
  • A2 Horsehide Seal Brown
  • A2 Horsehide Black

A2 labelThe A-2 Flight Jacket was made famous by U.S. Army airmen who wore them as a testament to their bravery, independence and skill. Service tested in 1930, the A2 jacket was adopted as the regulation Army Air Corps flying jacket on May 9, 1931. Its style continues to be a perfect example of form following function.

The A2 jacket is available and true to the original design in russet or seal brown horsehide or medium brown goatskin.

The A2 leather jacket is true to the original Air Corp Spec:
The A2 flight jacket have one piece back, 2 piece sleeves. Talon nickel finish zipper with leather puller tabs, single entry pocket with luxurious curved shape flaps. Epaulets boxed stitched, 1 3/4" tapering down to 1 1/2". Hanger loop boxed stitch through and through. Stand up collar, snapped down collar tips. 8-10 stitches per inch, reinforced pockets corners and wind flap, provide solid construction that backed by life time warrantee.
The A-2 jacket have lining of 100% cotton and 100% wool knit cuffs & waistband is also true to the original. Finish touch of ther A-2 flight leather jacket are A/N inspection stamp and Air Corp stamp on the lining.

If you like to create your personal specifications A2 jacketor modified colors, shape or components please select the A-2 jacket custom made details bellow.

Courtesy of Jay Brown. a wonderful, emotional, and touching presentation of an A-2 Flight jacket to a WWII Vet who earned the original.


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  1. Superb Product! Review by Mike P.

    I really can't say enough about this seal brown horsehide A-2 that I just received from your company. Absolutely stunning! The attention paid to the original specs. is very, very close to an original WW11 that I owned. Excellent workmanship and detail at about two thirds the cost of some of the other "big name" makers I researched. Keep up the good work! I will be purchasing another jacket from you. Thank you so much. (p.s. you are a big name in my book!) (Posted on 3/23/2012)

  2. Great Product! Sizing Chart A Big Help! Review by Daniel

    I received my A2 flight jacket today and it fits perfectly thanks to your sizing chart. The horsehide seal brown is worth every bit of the additional cost.

    By way of information, I found your company on a Google search after a disappointing experience with another flight jacket from a different company. (That company's flight jacket had been previously Made in the USA but not now is foreign made and the inferior quality was evident. Trust me, I returned it as soon as possible.)

    Your A2 flight jacket from www.flightjacket.com was superior in every way. And the order process, confirmation, shipping e-mail, and tracking info was perfect.

    Be assured that, as I wear the A2 flight jacket, when people comment on it, I will prominently mention your company and the superior product, purchasing process, and all around excellent experience I had when I bought my jacket from FlightJacket.com.

    Thanks again!! (Posted on 1/16/2012)

  3. very positive Review by C. C.

    I have owned my A-2 jacket for more than three years and looks great. I have had alot of compliments, especially at the air museum where I volunteer twice a week. The quality of your A-2 jacket is superb and your price is very reasonable. I have looked at other manufactures at a higher cost and yours are just as good and in some instances much better. Thank you. C.C. (Posted on 1/2/2012)

  4. GREAT A-2!!! Review by Cap'n Rick

    The U.S. Authentic horsehide A-2 was an amazing piece of workmanship! Thick, heavy seal brown horsehide leather, repro Talon zipper, collar stand, luxurious soft brown cotton lining, all in all a fantastic jacket that is built like a tank and should last a lifetime! (Posted on 11/23/2011)

  5. I am pleased... Review by Bert

    I have been searching for an US made horsehide A2 jacket for a while. After worrying about getting the wrong size I made my order in flightjacket.com. The shipment is super fast (I wonder if the shipment can be a bit slow to save on postage). I am happy with the purchase. Only one thing is the material is not mentioned in the jacket. Have I missed a tag somewhere.
    Highly recommended. (Posted on 11/8/2011)

  6. Outstanding Review by Bill

    I've owned the horsehide A-2 jacket for three years and it's just wonderful and looks great. I cannot recommend highly enough this product to anyone whose looking for an authentic A-2 . Thanks again for a great product, Bill (Posted on 11/7/2011)

  7. 2nd purchase Review by Tim

    I recently purchased a second goatskin A2 from US Authentic. It was delivered in record time.
    My original jacket is almost 10 years old. It has proven to be of excellent quality. After all this time there are no problems such as unraveling threads or excessive wear.
    The replacement seems to be of the same high quality. It is constructed of very nice hides and is very skillfully made.
    Kudos to Shaul and his employees for providing a great product.

    (Posted on 10/20/2011)

  8. Perfect A2 Review by chan

    Great craftsmanship! Beautifully made! Hats off to the craftsmen who made these jackets. (Posted on 10/15/2011)

  9. Fantastic Jacket! Review by Casey

    Just received my horsehide custom A2 a few days ago and have hardly taken it off. Well constructed and very high quality. I'm looking forward to many years of enjoyment with this jacket. Customer service was great, with very quick turn-around. (Posted on 9/20/2011)

  10. Solid Dependable Construction Review by Lando

    I own a lot of flight jackets. I've tried a lot of different brands and found things I like and dislike in them all. US Authentic makes a very solid A2 built to be used and abused for years to come. The horsehide is a heavy leather that you don't have to worry about because it can take just about anything you can throw at it. Some people have complained about the fit but I don't understand why. My A2 fit close to the body without being constrictive, which is what I was looking for. Also, the sleeves are a bit longer so that every time you put your arms up, you don't have to worry about having the sleeves fly up to your elbows.

    In short, this is the A2 I would take on any adventure. I own a Lost Worlds A2 which cost twice as much and if I had know about US Authentic then, I would have saved the money on the Lost Worlds and just bought an A2 here. These are jackets made tough to wear through the rigors of life. Thanks Mr. Dover, you will be seeing my business again. (Posted on 3/1/2011)

Items 61 to 70 of 176 total

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Customer Reviews

A-2 Horsehide Russet Review by Ramón Farré
Only say that the horsehide jacket A-2 Russet I purchased is a unique product for the following reasons: The excellent finish skin, speed shipping, good price ... all top
thank you very much Shaul (Posted on 10/15/2015)
Vintage Goatskin A2 Review by Eric
I was lucky enough to obtain a vintage goatskin A2 jacket in the sale section of the website. Thanks to Shaul's advice, I can say that the fit is perfect. The vintage goatskin is extremely supple and drapes beautifully right out of the box. The color and texture of the leather is awesome and the stitching is spot on. The delivery time was exceptionally fast and the customer support was great. This jacket compares very favorably with other more expensive A2 jackets that I have owned. In summary,I am very happy with the quality and customer service. Thanks Shaul!! (Posted on 8/7/2015)
Vintage A2 Goatskin Worth The Wait Review by Missileman
I recently purchased the A2 in Vintage Goatskin after trying the A2 in horsehide and sending it back. The goat was everything I was looking for - particularly the "vintage" color. The thing to remember with the reproduction A2's is that the cut is different than a modern issue A2, or CWU-36/p. My other A2 is a recent USAF issue in 46R as is my CWU.The WW2 A2 is a 48 to get approximately the same fit.

The quick order fulfillment is also a huge plus. I ordered it on Thursday afternoon and had it on Friday (to Connecticut).

I looked at all the repro A2's out there - even had a spreadsheet to compare and contrast - Goodwear, Lost Worlds, G&B, Eastman, etc. and selected US A for the value.

From my perspective as a former USAF Captain (Combat Crew Commander) we wore what we were issued. Some guys had new stuff, some not so new. The truth is that even issue grade jackets were different - even from the same manufacturer. So all the A2 jacketeers who count stiches/inch, size of the grommets, and other goofy stuff would do well to take a breath - I'd have no problem recommending a US A A2.

(Posted on 8/2/2015)