G-8 Navy Leather Flight Jacket


G-8 Navy Leather Flight Jacket

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  • Made in USA!
  • Made of goatskin medium brown
  • 100% Bemberg rayon lining
  • Double gussets under each arm.
  • Two large single entry pockets (double entry available at no extra charge).
  • Diamond shape patches on the arms.
  • Side panel with strap and tab.
  • Zipper cuffs.
  • Heavy duty #8 brass zipper and wing flap with the "USN" perforation.

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Regular Price: $695.00

Special Price: $569.00

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The G-8 jacket (the stock jacket in the image is made of medium brown goatskin) was introduced into the service in the late 1920's as the official flight jacket of the U.S. Navy and Marine Corp flyers. The details on this jacket were an inspiration for many famous designs introduced through the movie industries.

But only one jacket is true to the original with all its fine details which includes: Double gussets under each arm provided for ease of movement in places which had notoriously small cockpits. Two large single-entry (double-entry available for no extra charge) button flap pockets, with radiused lower corners and a gently curved flap. Diamond shape patches on the arms, for double protection in the small cockpit. Side panel with strap and tab for better fit adjustments. Zipper-cuffs provides a snug fit that required in order to block cold winds in the open cockpit. Heavy duty #8 brass zipper, and wind-flap with the "USN" perforation. 100% Bemberg rayon lining will keep you warm in the air and on the ground (Thinsulate layer is available).

G-8 Navy Leather Flight Jacket. Made in USA!Made of goatskin medium brown100% Bemberg rayon liningDouble gussets under each arm.Two large single entry pockets (double entry...

  • Price: $569.00 - In stock
  • Brand: U.S. Authentic MFG. Co.
  • Product ID: 0004

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  1. service excellent/product excellent Review by Steve

    I ordered a goatskin G8 for size verification. I found the jacket attractive, very well tailored and well constructed. The jacket was supple and draped very well. It would have been perfect for a dressy informal occasion. However, I felt that the leather was too thin and soft for the use I intended.

    So I ordered a G8 in russet horsehide. Once again the tailoring was impeccable and the construction extremely rugged. The seams are doubly sown on the pockets, cuffs and elbow patches. There are no blemishes in the leather.

    Buyers should consider the design of the jacket. There are no knit wristbands or waist. So the sleeves are not retained by the wristbands. Buyers with short arms should be aware of this. Further, the jacket is longer than say an A2. So it is not as convenient to get in and out of a vehicle. The horsehide leather is very thick and stiff. This contributes to the longevity of the jacket I believe. But anyone wishing for a light weight supple jacket won't find it in the horsehide version.

    I can't imagine the lifestyle that would wear out a horsehide G8. The lining maybe but never the shell of the jacket.

    To conclude, the buying experience at US Authentic was first rate and the jacket quality excellent.
    (Posted on 1/9/2016)

  2. service excellent/product excellent Review by Steve

    I received a G8 jacket in goat skin for size verification. The jacket arrived quickly and was extremely well made. However, I found the leather to be thinner and softer than I wanted. The jacket was tailored excellently, was very supple and draped very well. It would have been perfect for dressy, informal occasions.

    So, I ordered a G8 in russet horsehide because I wanted a more rugged jacket that would stand up to abuse. The jacket I received is very well tailored and extremely robust. The seams are doubly sown and the leather is very thick and without blemishes.

    Consider the design of a G8. If you have been wearing short flight jackets with knit wristlets and waistbands you will find a G8 very different. There are no knitted wristlets to retain the sleeves. Buyers with short arms should consider this. The jacket is longer than say an A2 for example so it's not as convenient getting in and out of cars. In a horsehide example the leather is very stiff and thick. You know you are wearing one tough jacket but if you value suppleness and light weight it's the wrong choice.

    All that being said I can't imagine the lifestyle which would wear a horsehide G8 out. The lining maybe but the shell of the jacket never.

    To conclude, it was great doing business with US Authentic and the product is of very high quality. (Posted on 1/9/2016)

  3. OUTSTANDING! Review by Richard Kimberley

    My G-8 was a “modified” G-8, with a “Barnstormer” button front. All else was pure G-8. I elected this combination primarily for motorcycle crusing. My “Kimberley” jacket has the shoulder pocket, and an inside pocket. i elected to have it in vintage horsehide with the red lining with “Kimberley” annotated on the lining. This is an incredable jacket. Having owned horsehide jackets in the past, I anticipated a l-o-n-g break-in period to even be able to move in it. Not so! It is quite supple and appears it will break-in quite easily. The fit is spot on and everything I requested is precisely as I wanted. The workmanship is excellent. This jacket will obviouisly outlast me on this planet! I can already tell it’s looks will only be enhanced with time and wear. Great Job Folks! Thank You! I will keep you posted as time wears on. (Posted on 1/7/2016)

  4. Fantastic Find! Review by Tom

    The 440 rules! I received my 440/G-8 jacket and I am more than pleased! Some makers do not offer this jacket with a one-piece back, but US Authentic does. This and the price are what sold me. The workmanship, leather quality and attention to detail on this jacket are AMAZING!! At first, I was unsure about how evident the zipper is when the jacket is zipped, but now, I have come to like it. Oh, and if you are not used to a wind flap on the inside, be aware there is one. If you want, you can fold it back when you wear the jacket open. The zippers and the other elements combine to give this jacket a "flight jacket come motorcycle jacket" sort of vibe. You can move easily from the open cockpit to your Indian and never remove your flight jacket! I opted for the seal brown, rather than the stock medium, as US Authentic will also provide this as a custom order,. I wear a 40 and the fit is perfect! It fits like a glove over a flannel or qxford shirt with good upper body movement. And this baby is heavy and built like a tank! There is a little room for your belly at the bottom, if you have one. I didn't need it and took the straps in a bit for a perfect fit. No bagging! All in all, this is one bada$$ jacket, although I would not wear it for dressy occasions. For general wear and going out at night, its perfect! If I had to have one criticism, it would be the way the hang strap is sewn into the jacket. It is neatly done, but the sewing is visible on the outside back of the jacket below the collar, but just barely. The thread is a perfect match and so is almost invisible. All in all, this is one great jacket! (Posted on 11/17/2014)

  5. Great Jacket! Review by Spike

    Hi to all those at flight jacket.com. I just received my G 8 custom made jacket. This is a true work of art! Thank you to all of the craftsmen there. I sent my motorbike jacket and they matched it up. Nice Job! I had an imprint put on the back. I have had several comments already. When I took it across the border and paid the taxes, the customs guys were all over it. Several guys tried it on and took down information on where it came from so they could check into jackets themselves. This is a great fitting, great looking, and great smelling jacket. Worth every penny. Mike Christensen Keewatin, Ontario (Posted on 11/30/2013)

  6. Awesome Custom Made G-8 in Seal Brown Horsehide Review by skysurfer808

    I just received my G-8 custom ordered flight jacket in Seal Brown Horsehide, and have to say I am absolutely amazed by the quality of its construction, and its fit on me. This is now absolutely my favorite article of clothing I have ever owned. Your customization has resulted in a jacket I have always wanted which fits me just about perfectly. Finding the right leather jacket has always been an issue for me, as I have never been able to get just the right fit, but thanks to your help with my order I now have a gorgeous leather coat that fits like a glove. (Posted on 10/2/2013)

  7. 1st rate, quality jacket Review by Dave Lewis

    Greetings. I recieved my G-8 in seal brown goatskin about 2 weeks ago, and have been wearing it daily. With being goatskin, it is durable, yet supply out of the box. It gets better the more you wear it. The hide is substantial, yet wears very nicely without having a heavy feel to it. The craftsmanship is top notch, and I would not hesitate to order again from the fine folks at US Authentic. (Posted on 11/26/2012)

  8. I could not believe it! Review by Robert McKenna

    When I got this jacket, I was shocked. I wanted a jacket that was unique and had a rich history in aviation. Not only did it just look like art out of the box, but it was the best fitting jacket I have ever owned. I have owned other G-8's that fit too long or to lose in the chest. I can wear jeans, or slacks and a tie and look great. This is the only G-8 that fit so well, that I purchased two! I guess you can never have to much of a good thing. Thank you for the beautiful jacket. (Posted on 9/10/2011)

  9. Lifetime Jacket Review by Takayuki

    Excellent workmanship! G-8 is much higher quality that I expected. When I was looking for reasonable price of USAF A- 2 flight jacket, I had a fateful encounter with G-8 which jacket design I have never seen before. I work in a US installation in Japan. Therefore, I have often seen A-2 and G-1 around installations. Then, I had dramatically changed my thought by G-8. I should order this leather jacket which jacket not so in common here. I have no regrets and I am totally happy with this purchase on my life. And on this occasion, I deeply appreciated U.S. Authentic staff had some good correspondence for my order. And Customer Reviews was very helpful to know G-8. Thank you very much! (Arigato!) (Posted on 5/19/2011)

  10. This coat is made perfectly Review by Gino Fanelli (September 2007)

    I am a Ural motorcycle rider with a sidecar and ride constantly.My G-8 coat is bieng put to the test evryday,passes with flying colors.I LOVE this coat!My wife and I ride in all conditions.I rode just the other day for 2 hours in the rain and was bone dry underneath this wonderful coat.This coat is made perfectly and Bieng a rider is the closest I will ever be to becoming a pilot,this coat helps this dream come true. (Posted on 8/2/2010)

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